Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lost Odyssey completed at LEVEL 48!

My wife just finished LOST ODYSSEY at Level 48, with 55+ hours of play! Her goal was to FINISH THE GAME WITHOUT POWER-LEVELING / DOING ANY OF THE SIDE QUESTS!

With this accomplishment she has clearly established that IGN and GAMESPY'S reviews were DEAD WRONG about the game. It is possible to finish the game without power-leveling/grinding. The turn-based gameplay in Lost Odyssey is very strategic and a person who plays the combat right can finish the game without going through too much grind!

Now, you're probably asking, WHERE'S the PROOF? Actually, the ending is playing back in the background right now as I'm typing this. She took pictures of her menu and some ending screens. She's going to post those in a minute. I can't look at her pictures because I don't want to get spoiled! (I didn't watch the ending credits too, but I know it took quite a while....it was a long ending!!!!) As I've posted earlier I'm just on Disc 2, and with her reactions on the ending I'm absolutely looking forward to it. If you really need more proof, check the ACHIEVEMENT list for 'Tankblitzer'; that's the gamertag that she used for her playthrough.

She says the ending is amazing, the full length of the ending is 20-30 minutes long, clearly rivaling the last best ending I remember, the ending of Final Fantasy 6.

She will post her pictures and her final impressions shortly since we have work piling up and she took a lot of spoiler pics. But for now, check out the image below. She took photos of her party's stats and equipment before finishing the game.


  1. i just got LO the other day and for some reason cant seem to get past the first major boss on the mountain... i would love some imput. you can emial me or just hit me up on XBL


    gamertag - o CHALK o


  2. I posted about this here: