Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I Hate Seeing On Other Gaming Sites or Forums

I love video games and the game industry in general. But sometimes it's disheartening to read on other sites or forums because I can't help but get the vibe of immaturity from other gamers. Here's a short list of some things which I hate seeing sometimes on other forums or even game articles.

1. Excessive swearing. I see swearing on other types of hobbies online but it seems to me that its worse with gaming forums and some gaming related articles (I'm looking at you, 1UP.com). Can't gamers form sentences without adding the 'F' word to every other sentence?

2. The phrase "I'm cautiously optimistic". This phrase doesn't even make sense. How can it be possible for one to be 'cautious' and 'optimistic' at the same time? That's just ridiculous. The two words clearly contradict each other in meaning. Just say that you're 'pessimistic' instead.

You'll commonly find this phrase in threads talking about how game reviews and user reviews don't agree with one another.

3. Excessive anger or rage over petty things. Getting stuck on a level gets portrayed as a tragedy of epic proportions by most gamers on forums. In game articles, sometimes game reviewers exaggerate this, when the truth is, the frustration sets in for them more because they have to meet a very short deadline. I hate how this affects their reviews, too.


  1. We definitely keep that to a minimum at consoleheroes.com

  2. Pessimistic isn't a good synonym here. That's too far in the negative. People who are watching a game with some hope that it will deliver (but a general sense that the final product will more than likely let them down) are hopefuls. Just because a game lets you down - and there are tons that do so - doesn't mean you never held out hope for it to work. Pessimism holds out no positive outlook for the future.

    Otherwise, I agree completely.