Friday, October 10, 2008

WCG LEAGUE: Soulcalibur IV and Guitar Hero III TOURNAMENT on OCTOBER 19!

BIG NEWS: WCG Philippines / E-sports is organizing a Soulcalibur IV / Guitar Hero III Tournament on October 19, Sunday, at the SM Cyberzone, One E-Com, SM Mall of Asia. Since Soulcalibur IV and Guitar Hero III are both multiplatform games, console gamers for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii are all invited to join this major competition!

NOTE: We know some gamers are concerned about the fact that the Xbox 360 controllers aren't really that good for fighting games. That said, PINOYXBOX is working on a solution so that the players participating in the SOULCALIBUR IV tournament will all use arcade sticks. So we hope that players even on other platforms such as Arcades or Playstation 3 will also participate in this tournament.

Participation in this tournament can help ensure that there will continue to be console games featured at the major competitive events of the World Cyber Games here in the Philippines. As console gamers, let's show our support for gaming on consoles and let's help convince E-Sports that console gaming competitions are worth having at their events :)

Here are the details:

Cyberzone Cosplay featuring the WCG League

SM Cyberzone
One E-Com, Mall of Asia Complex


Registration is 10:00AM to 12:30NN
Tournaments start at EXACTLY 1:00PM


Soulcalibur IV
1ST PLACE: 8,000 Pesos
2ND PLACE: 4,000 Pesos

Guitar Hero III
1ST PLACE: 10,000 Pesos
2ND PLACE: 5,000 Pesos

Organized by E-sports / WCG Philippines

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