Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Got Back From Level-Up-Live 2008!

Finally got back from Level-Up-Live!

Man, there were so many people at Level-Up-Live 2008. I'm very impressed at Level-Up's ability to sustain their business and continue getting gamers to play and enjoy their games. There were far, far more people at Level-Up-Live compared to Anicon. It seems Level Up did a very good job at informing people about the event and getting them to be involved and to participate. The people at the venue seemed genuinely excited to be part of Level Up Live and everyone seemed to be having a great time at the event. I was also impressed at how well-organized and managed Level-Up-Live 2008 was. Despite the fact that there were so many people, they managed to keep things orderly. The environment at Level Up Live was energetic and festive but it never felt chaotic; the organizers did a great job in controlling the flow of people. Overall, I think this event will eventually become very successful for them. By the way, I didn't know that they were also having the world championships for Ragnarok at that event, so I was surprised that they had teams of players from different countries competing there in what is considered as a major, international tournament. I came off the event very impresssed at Level-Up-Games; I think they've done a great job.

At Pinoyxbox's area in the Playground booth, we let people play Rockband 2 and Soulcalibur 4. As always, our area was crazy packed with people. Both Rockband 2 and Soulcalibur 4 drew a good crowd of gamers and got great participation from many players in the crowd. We answered questions about the Xbox 360 and its games, and we even played back a few trailers for them so that they knew what games were in the pipeline. It seems to me that everyone who visited our booth had a lot of fun, even if our setup wasn't as elaborate as what was at Anicon.

Thanks to Pinoyxbox members Whyme, Teejay and Garvisu for helping us out with our booth---yes, I met garvisu for the first time at the Level Up Games event. Nice to meet you bro! Thanks, too, to the caliburforum guys who visited and started practicing for tomorrow's WCG League event. Good luck to you guys! We'll be there, I'll be participating...I don't think I can beat any of you, though....You guys have some mad Soulcalibur skills! By the way, don't forget that the registration for the tournament tomorrow is 10AM-1230NN at SM Mall of Asia, One E-Com, Cyberzone, and the tournament starts at 1PM. WCG is very strict about the time / schedule...remember, it's not an event organized by Pinoyxbox so it's not going to be easy to beg them to let you in the tourney if you didn't sign up on time.

Thanks also to Playground Magazine for inviting Pinoyxbox and giving us a great opportunity to reach out to gamers from all walks of life. We definitely enjoyed being at the booth and had a great time!

Pictures to be posted shortly :D

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