Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fable 2 : Believe The Hype

If you've been reading a lot of game review sites and forums online, Fable 2 has been getting an immense amount of buzz this week.

After having played the game since yesterday up to this afternoon...I say that the game really does deserve it.

I haven't completed the game yet, to be honest, but I am getting that feeling that this is one of those games that will set a new bar for Western RPGs (or, perhaps RPGs in general). A quick list of things I liked:

1. Interactions with villagers, while limited and lacking dialogue, really come into their own after you spend a good deal of time with it.

2. Interesting design decision in Fable II - it seems monster encounters/bandit encounters do not drop any gold; just fighting experience (which can improve your physique and magic capabilities). Over time this makes you actually spend time in the towns, do the jobs, and change the way you understand the definition of a 'role playing game'.

3. It's really cool that you can buy stalls, shops and houses, and even decorate them! This game puts together elements from Oblivion, the Sims, and even action RPGs like Diablo II through a nice leveling system/combat system. You just have to experience it to understand what that means....

4. The overall feeling of 'freedom' is well established and despite having so much freedom, there is a story in the game even if it arguably simple and straightforward. It does move things along and makes the experience entirely worthwhile.

This is the type of game that will make you lose track of time; it just feels so full of stuff to do. It's well worth it; I believe this is a good contender for Role-Playing Game of the Year this 2008 because it just feels like the type of game that redefines gamers' expectations out of role-playing games.

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  1. Are you going to write a detailed review for Fable II once you've finished it? Looking forward to reading it!

    I especially enjoyed reading your last post comparing JRPG's and Western RPG's. My first JRPG was Lost Odyssey, I seriously had missed out on everything before that (never owned a PS2) and it totally changed my perspective on gaming: it really is an art form.

    I enjoyed Oblivion so much, 520+ hours on my 360 but Lost Odyssey has left a much bigger impression on me. The story, the characters, and the music create such an unforgettable experience! Speaking of which, when will the rest of the cutscenes be posted on the blog?!

    Looks like Fable 2 is worth it... but I'm still more excited about Star Ocean 4 :)