Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pinoyxbox @ Playground on Air - Jam 88.3FM

Yesterday night at around 9PM, Pinoyxbox was invited by Playground Magazine to be featured on their radio show, 'Playground on Air' on Jam 88.3FM. The Pinoyxbox moderators Kantoboy, myself, Wuffy and Whyme were on hand to talk about the Pinoyxbox online community, the Xbox 360 and console gaming.

Here are a few pics from our visit to Jam 88.3:

Pinoyxbox Moderators with DJ Gabe

Playground Magazine Staff, PinoyXbox and PinoyPS Group Shot

The people at the station were very friendly and off the air we talked about games; they really are avid gamers and it's nice to be able to share some info with them so that they're updated about the Xbox 360. I think they'll even join soon and I told them they should just buy console gear from the sellers on the Pinoyxbox forum so they can save a bit of money :) I also told them they can meet a lot of other like-minded gamers on our forum who might enjoy chatting about games with them.

After our interview segment at the start of the program, we left the booth, but we were just waiting outside it. We just chatted about games outside their booth while the PinoyPS (Playstation) people went in to talk about their forum and help out with the review of Silent Hill: Homecoming. We couldn't really hear what was going on inside the booth, so occasionally we would just glance inside the booth and hear a few soundbytes when the door to the booth got opened (I think the last word on the game was, "If you're a fan of Silent Hill this game might be still worth getting..." or something like that)

For Playground Magazine's Soulcalibur IV review, they informed us earlier that we were going to give a bit of feedback on the game but they only had an hour left on their show so they just stuck with their original review. In the background me and Mike were playing the game and they'd occasionally cut to the sound coming from our game. For the most part I agree with what the reviewer said, but had I the chance to say what I thought about the game, I would say that the online mode of the game really extends the life of it so much and it really shows you how creative people can get with the costumes. I also would have talked about that little experience I had where a couple of friends went over to play Rockband 1, but we ended up playing Soulcalibur IV more, simply because Rockband 1 was causing my friends to fail so much; the point being that Soulcalibur IV is really a fun game to play and it's very easy to get into for all sorts of gamers.


Post show:

We loaded up the Tom Clancy ENDWAR beta and I think it was the first time for most of the people from Playground Magazine to see the game. I have already played it earlier, but it still surprised me because the radio booth was already very noisy (with people from Jam 88.3, PinoyPS and Playground Mag inside the booth talking), but Joanne still managed to control the game quite easily with her voice. It seems the people in the booth were amazed with the game's voice-recognition technology. I thought the game wouldn't work right because of all the noise in the booth, but somehow the game still managed to understand voice commands from Joanne correctly.

Next up, while taking photos with Playground, the Jam 88.3 crew and PinoyPS, I loaded up MEGAMAN 9 and practically everyone reacted to its cute MIDI music. It's amazing how Megaman is instantly recognizable to most gamers :)

Lastly we played back some of the trailers for the upcoming JRPGs on the Xbox 360 like Last Remnant and Star Ocean; it seems the gamers in the booth were really excited. We also sampled Tales of Vesperia for the people in the booth. I hope that Playground magazine writes some good features on those games so that more people would know that the Xbox 360 has a great lineup of titles now and a lot more gamers can get into the console.

So that's what happened at the radio show :)

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