Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pinoyxbox @ Anicon 2008 - More Pictures

Here are some more pictures from the Pinoyxbox booth at Anicon 2008

Taken by Whyme from Pinoyxbox:

Taken by Yakisoba from Pinoyxbox:

Some other pics here were also taken by Boddah from Pinoyxbox as well. Thanks to everyone for sharing their pics!

Here we go...

Start of the day - setting up the booth

Time to test...

First players at our booth (very early, even before the mall opened)

The Hall opens...here they come!

A massive crowd forms at our booth!

The crowd builds at the Soulcalibur IV area

The Pinoyxbox Community :D

LCD Setups - we had 5 37" LCDTVs and 1 47" LCDTV



The craziness at the Soulcalibur IV event which ensued at 400PM, the time of the start of the tourney:

We used 2 of the LCDTVs we had to run this event

The tournament itself, 24 players bracketed for single eliminations:

Soulcalibur IV Finals : Rey delos Reyes (won 1st) vs. Litton Raysoul (won 2nd)

Rey Delos Reyes and Jemecats (3rd Placer)


That was Pinoyxbox @ Anicon 2008! Until next time! :D

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