Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures from the Guitar Hero III / Soulcalibur IV Tournament Last Sunday

This tournament was not organized or managed by the Pinoyxbox community; however, we played a role in informing console players and arcade players about this major tournament. Pinoyxbox voluntarily lent 2 Hori EX2 Arcade Fighting Sticks for FREE, for use by Soulcalibur IV tournament participants. We did this to encourage arcade gamers, Playstation 3 gamers and Xbox 360 gamers to all participate in the tournament, so that the level of competition would be very high.

Given that the Xbox 360 and Soulcalibur IV is not officially marketed or supported in the Philippines, a lot of game players here only know about the Soulcalibur series because of the availability of the game in local arcades. Players also know about it because of the locally successful Playstation 2 version; a lot of Filipino players still aren't aware that the game's latest sequel is also available on the Xbox 360.

Tournament results:

Guitar Hero III

1st Place - P10,000.00 - Luis Benesa - Pinoyxbox member "ScaR/Finalcut"
2nd Place - P5,000.00 - Miguel Castriciones

Soulcalibur IV

1st Place - P8,000.00 - Paeng Pabalan (Yoshimitsu)
2nd Place - P4,000.00 - Krischan Ramos (Nightmare)

The venue for the tournament: One E-Com Building, Cyberzone near SM Mall of Asia

Tournament Host Jaime Paraso

Guitar Hero III Tournament.

Soulcalibur IV tournament

The audience definitely enjoyed watching SCIV. It's just an enjoyable game to have for a tournament setting since the people watching can easily make sense of what's going on.

The audience here for SCIV was a lot more festive than the audience during the VF5 tournament that I played in at SM Megamall. Yes there was some cheering there but it wasn't as crazy as the cheering during the SCIV matches here. It was quite festive and this is definitely the kind of atmosphere that game tournaments for consoles should have.

After three rounds of intense competition at some point it boils down to two players: Krischan (in the green shirt, controlling Nightmare) and Paeng (the one with the hat, controlling Yoshimitsu).

Paeng emerges victorious! Here they are shaking hands after a well-fought battle.

Here's the Pinoy Soulcalibur community members. From left: Valium_01, Raishiro, Rey delos Reyes, Raysoul, Paeng, with two other guys there in the back (what's their names again? I forgot....I'm horrible with remembering names sometimes!)

Soulcalibur IV - 2nd Place - P4,000.00 - Krischan Ramos (Nightmare)

Soulcalibur IV - 1st Place - P8,000.00 - Paeng Pabalan (Yoshimitsu)

Guitar Hero III - 2nd Place - P5,000.00 - Miguel Castriciones

Guitar Hero III - 1st Place - P10,000.00 - Luis Benesa - Pinoyxbox member ScaR

It's the gamers that make events like this successful. Once again, thanks for coming over and making the atmosphere festive and enjoyable for everyone.

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