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Photos from Pinoyxbox @ Level Up Live 2008

Here are some photos from PINOYXBOX @ Level Up Live 2008

More photos to be added as they are uploaded....

Official Site for Level-Up Live:

This is the venue hall before they let the people in. One thing for certain, the scale of Level-Up Live 2008 is arguably MUCH bigger than the World Cyber Games: Asian Championships in Singapore. Looking at this thing, I have no doubt that the Philippines can throw a kickass gaming convention!

This is the PXB area within the Playground Magazine booth. We just have one TV so we had a very simple set-up. Initially we were just going to bring Soulcalibur 4 but then we figured out we need some variety in our line-up so we brought Rockband 2 as well. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH TO GAMEHOPPER AND BRICO FOR HELPING US WITH THE LCDTV DISPLAYS! THANKS TO WAKKA FROM GAMECORE FOR PROVIDING US WITH A POSTER OF SOULCALIBUR 4!

Here's Pinoyxbox members Whyme and Teejay testing Soulcalibur 4.

Our very first guests! Dexter, the guy singing is from the PC booth beside Playground. The other guys were requesting to play Parokya ni Edgar songs in Rock Band :D

Here are the Soulcalibur 4 Players. By the see those kids? They're pretty good. They picked up on the game very quickly.

Trivia for Pinoyxbox members: the guy hidden in the picture is actually a PXB member...he was featured on the cover in the latest issue of Playground magazine! Can you guess who he is?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the gamers of the Philippines....apparently, we are LEGION....that was an incredible crowd, and this photo was taken at the start of the day (Some time around 9:00 AM, when the venue just opened). The crowd became larger and larger as time passed by; in the afternoon, the place was just packed! But Level-Up did a great job in keeping the venue very orderly, despite the massive crowd.

Booth babes!

One thing about Level-Up is that they really know how to throw a party! The whole place is filled with TONS of LUG MMO themed activities! I wish I could have tried the trampoline but the lines were really long in ALL the booths.

Now this is a very lucky shot... From my vantage point, I couldn't see the inside of the tub so I had to raise the camera over my head to take a shot. And lo and behold...there's the poring!

At the event there were several booths reminiscent of stores in the world of Raganarok and other LUG MMOs. Good to know that the real world economy is not as bloated at it is online!

A new MTV for Level-Up's games...? Hehe AMP!

The very first match of the day...Philippines vs Germany!

Now time for some Rock Band action! To start things off, here's TeeJay rocking it out with Vic Viper on the drums...

PXB Members making up the whole band

Playground Mag ladies Mitch, Charm and Denice together with Reli Carpio.

Here's PPS CelShaded joining the PXB peeps for a Rock Band session

The crowd at the Level Up Live 2008 was pretty thick but surprisingly everything went well! Great crowd with lots of happy smiling people! Pinoy na pinoy talaga!

And here are the Pinoyxbox members myself (Scytherage), Teejay, Whyme and Wuffy, who stayed from 7 AM - 5PM, getting ready to call it a day...

Now, the following are shots of the audience for the Ragnarok World Championship tournament itself....this was around afternoon time, when the crowd was reaching its peak...

This is one of the last few shots we took before our camera was about to run out of battery. Notice I took the shot from the side...the front part with the seats was absolutely loaded with people and I didn't want to block their view of the match. They are watching a very interesting match between France vs. China.

And last but not the you now know who this Pinoyxbox member is? Absolutely great cover! Dapat ipa-frame na yan!

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