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Anicon 2008 : Soulcalibur IV Tournament Rules

Join us at ANICON 2008 this Sunday, October 5 at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 3.

We'll be having a SOULCALIBUR IV Tournament at 4:00PM in the afternoon! Here are the rules for the tournament:

Rules for the Pinoyxbox-ANICON 2008 SOULCALIBUR IV Tournament

Definition of terms:
- A ‘bracket’ is a match-up between players.

- For this tournament, one ‘MATCH’ is a single game with a maximum of five rounds. The first player to win three rounds out of five rounds, wins that match.

- ‘Single Elimination’ means that the two players will only have one ‘match’. The winner of the match advances to the next bracket.

- ‘Round Robin’ means that each player will play against all the other players at least once. In this scenario, player match ups and qualification to the actual tournament will depend on the number of wins a player accumulates against all the other players.


Players must sign up at the Pinoyxbox booth for the Soulcalibur IV Tournament. Sign-ups may end either once the limit of players is met, or if the time limit for sign-up is finished (whichever comes first). Players will be informed of the time when their match will start. If a player is not present at the time of his match, they will be given two minutes grace period. If the missing player is still not present at the time of his match after the two minutes has expired, the other player wins the match.

If the turn-out for the Soulcalibur IV tournament is lower than 10 players, a ‘round robin’ system will be implemented at the start of the tournament to determine player match-ups and who will advance to the tournament brackets. If there are an odd number of players, one player (the one with the lowest number of wins/lowest ranked) may be eliminated to keep the number of players at an even number.

If more than 10 players show up for the tournament, a single elimination system will be used. Players will be matched up at random with other players. The winners will advance to the tournament brackets.

At this time a minimum of 16 players will be allowed to participate in the tournament. This is because of time constraints; ANICON will only take place within one day so we will not be able to accommodate all the players. It may be possible to raise this further but I think we can only go as high as 24 players before the tournament becomes too lengthy to manage properly within the allotted time frame.

Once only four players are left after single eliminations or round robin, they will be bracketed into two groups of two, and each group will have a ‘best of three’ series of matches. This means that the first player in each group to win TWO matches advances to the finals.
The top two players will have a ‘best of five’ series of matches. The first player to win THREE matches, wins the championship.

It is possible to have three players left after all the single eliminations matches. If this is the case, the three players will play round robin, and the one with the most number of wins is the champion. If a three-way tie occurs, the three players will compete in a single elimination playoff; in this scenario, player one will play against player two, and then the winner will play against player three. The two players that lose in the previous two matches will compete for second and third place, respectively.

Age Restrictions: None

Game Settings:

- Standard Versus
- Battle Count: 3
- Battle Time: 60

Character/Stage Selection:

- The player must notify the referee of the character that they are going to use before the match starts.
- Players may not change characters when a ‘match’ has started.
- Players must use the default costume for the characters. Custom items and costumes are NOT allowed.
- All characters are allowed.
- Stage Selection is set to RANDOM

1st Place - Infinite Undiscovery, Lego Batman and 1,000 pesos
2nd Place - Too Human
3rd Place - 1 10 piece D Skins

SCIV Exploits:

- Ivy’s Infinite Combo is banned. Any player caught using this loses the current round by default. If the same player uses the same exploit again, he will be disqualified.

Player/Audience behavior:

- Players must exercise sportsmanship before, during and after their matches. Players that exhibit any form of unsporting conduct (swearing at the other player, trash-talking, etc.) will automatically be DISQUALIFIED.
- Onlookers in the audience who are rowdy or verbally/physically abuse the players before, during or after the tournament will be forced to leave the premises.


- The standard Xbox 360 gamepad will be provided for each player at the playing area.
- Personal equipment such as arcade sticks will be allowed.
Control Settings:
- Mapping multiple-button shortcuts to single buttons will NOT BE ALLOWED. Players must configure their controls before their match and ensure that shortcuts are not mapped to any single button.
- Only four actions may be mapped to the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller or the player’s arcade fighting stick: G, K, A, B. The other buttons must be mapped to “---“.

Other rules:

- A referee must be present and monitoring the match to make it official.
- Warm-up matches are only allowed at the referee’s discretion.
- If the Xbox guide button or the pause button is pressed in the middle of the match, the referee will interfere and give a warning to the player that pressed the button. The game will continue to be paused, after which the referee will count down 3, 2, 1, then un-pause the game to continue the match.
- If the Xbox guide button or pause button is pressed a second time in the middle of a match by the same player, then that player loses the MATCH automatically.
- If the Xbox guide button or pause button is pressed a third time by the same player, that player is disqualified.
- If a player causes an intentional hardware reset or other problem, that player is disqualified.
- If a problem occurs which is not the fault of either player (3RL, hardware failure, disconnected controller, etc), the two players will engage in a rematch.
- For any other situation which arises which is not covered by this rule set, the Pinoyxbox moderators will confer with the referee(s) and render a decision. Whichever decision is reached by the moderators is FINAL.
- The referees and the Pinoyxbox moderators reserve the right to bar any player or group for whatever reason from the Pinoyxbox booth before, during or after the tournament.

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