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VGChartz claims Lost Odyssey still has strong US sales

According to VGChartz's latest figures (some argue they're accurate, some argue they're not), Lost Odyssey sold 45,000+ units even in its third week in the US market. That's just incredible for a JRPG! Normally games in the JRPG genre only sell 50,000 units on the first week alone and then they're forgotten immediately after. Strong word of mouth is likely driving the sales of this title, coupled with other factors such as having no real rival on the market other than Devil May Cry 4, and the fact that it is an Xbox 360 Exclusive (Xbox gamers seem to want to buy something more if its 'exclusive' to their system, just my personal observation....).

VGChartz's sales figures for Lost Odyssey in the United States:

Week 1 - 101,277
Week 2 - 50,516
Week 3 - 45,161

For the purpose of comparison, other JRPGs for Xbox 360:
Blue Dragon US Sales figures

Week 1 - 59,791
Week 2 - 23,438
Week 3 11,740

Eternal Sonata US Sales figures

Week 1 - 28,079
Week 2 - 14,377
Week 3 - 8,230

*It's interesting how Tales of Vesperia was still made Xbox 360 Exclusive in the USA even if Eternal Sonata didn't sell in the millions, isn't it? My wife says that, as an observer of JRPG sales through the years, the genre selling that much is actually within Namco's expectations....possibly it's even beyond their expectations because later on they announced Tales of Vesperia as 360 exclusive nonetheless.

Enchanted Arms (Xbox 360) US Sales Figures

Week 1 - 33,475
Week 2 - 19,383
Week 3 - 12,966

Enchanted Arms (PS3) US Sales Figures

Week 1 - 12,385
Week 2 - 5,437
Week 3 - 2,884

The highly-rated, critically acclaimed Persona 3 for the Playstation 2, US Sales Figures

Week 1 - 35,891
Week 2 - 23,150
Week 3 - 14,874

Going over 100,000 is an achievement in itself for a JRPG in the US market that isn't Final Fantasy. Having consistent sales for three weeks straight is yet another achievement milestone for this fantastic game, and hopefully this guarantees more quality work from Mistwalker Studios.

Wuffy comments:

I have been meaning to post something like this. There are several people who claim that JRPGs generally do well on the Playstation platform compared to the rest. I do not mean for this comment to be taken as console bashing. But I see no truth in the idea that JRPGs or Japanese games in particular will sell well on the Playstation platform since that's where all the fans are. That's wrong and I am a testament to that.

For a long time, I had been a 'loyal' Playstation gamer and I played Japanese games only. It's quite ironic that today, my platform of choice was the same one that I laughed at 7 years ago. In time, I have begun to realize that platform loyalty is not the reason that sells consoles. It's the games. And that has become quite evident within our last 2 years of XBOX 360 ownership.

The success of Lost Odyssey proves that there is indeed a market for JRPGs on the XBOX 360. This, coupled with the proven success of titles from Japanese developers like Capcom (Dead Rising, Lost Planet and now Devil May Cry 4) shows that there is a good percentage of XBOX 360 gamers that also enjoy Japanese games. The idea that XBOX 360 gamers only play games with bald space marines or medieval barbarians is apparently false and inaccurate, and clearly a generalization based only on the initial lineup of games that were ever released on the Xbox platform.

While I can also enjoy a good FPS played cooperatively with my husband or with my brother, I am also open to other quality games from different genres. And I feel that most XBOX 360 gamers are on the same boat as I am.

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