Thursday, March 27, 2008

PINOYXBOX Needs Sponsors to Send a Halo 3 Team for the World Cyber Games 2008

I've been in contact with Mr. Joan Martinez from WCG Philippines and he informed me that, currently, they have 8 player slots for the WCG, and only one player slot is allocated for console gaming (Xbox 360). That said, their initial choices for the games were either Virtua Fighter 5 or Guitar Hero III. Since they can only bring in one player for consoles, this means that they can't bring in players for Project Gotham Racing 4 or Halo 3.

I've informed him that I feel the Pinoyxbox community can best contribute to the WCG by helping bring in a team for Halo 3. I've seen the skill of the Philippine Halo 3 players on Xbox Live and on LAN tournaments held during Pinoyxbox's local events. Some of our players have very high rankings for Halo 3 on Xbox Live and they already know how to work well together and play as a team. They are very familiar with many of the nuances of Halo 3's various multiplayer modes and are aware of the strategies and tactics employed by players from other countries. I feel that some of the Halo 3 players on Pinoyxbox are well-prepared for the challenging environment and the international level of competitive play in the World Cyber Games.

As mentioned earlier, there's only one slot currently allocated for console gaming on the WCG Philippines roster. Pinoyxbox has to find a way to bring in three more Filipino players for the World Cyber Games. It will cost about $3,000 per additional player (for airfare, accomodations, etc), so that means that Pinoyxbox has to find $9,000 in funding in order to help send a complete Filipino Halo 3 team to the World Cyber Games. If there's anyone out there who can help secure a good sponsor for a Pinoyxbox Halo 3 team, please inform me as soon as possible (please post in the comments section of this blog post). I'm giving this until Saturday this week; if I do not receive any concrete leads to a sponsor on or before Saturday, I'll deviate the focus away from building a Halo 3 team and more towards helping find players for Guitar Hero III or Virtua Fighter 5.

Granted, Pinoyxbox does have players for GH3 and VF5; it's just that I'm pushing for Halo 3 because I think we've got some great players for that game. I think it's worth a shot to keep looking for a sponsor for a Filipino Halo 3 team.

Again, if anyone has any concrete leads for sponsorship for a Filipino Halo 3 team, please send me a message via the comments section or visit the Pinoyxbox Events thread for the World Cyber Games here:

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