Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lost Odyssey Cutscenes and Movies

It's been 10 years or so since I played Final Fantasy 7 and Xenogears for the Playstation 1. Those are two JRPGs that I actually bothered to replay. As I finished both games, I had the feeling of both joy and sadness. Joy for finally being able to finish the game and sadness that the journey is over. And after 10 long years those feelings are recaptured in Lost Odyssey.

This is my second time in playing Lost Odyssey. To my surprise, I am still enjoying the cutscenes and movies from the game. It's so nice to be able to view the game all over again. And we'd like to share those scenes with the gamers who has enjoyed the game the same way we did.

As for writing, I have finished recording and encoding all the scenes from Disk 1. Of course, its not perfect. There are moments where I had to switch from full screen to widescreen format. I have uploaded most of the videos on GameTrailers under my user account: 'yahoosoda'. Although I can't promise we'll finish everything quickly since our work load seemed to have caught up with us, we will try to upload all the movies until the very end of the game

I suppose that it goes without saying that all movies contain MAJOR SPOILERS from the game. We only have an SD capture card so the videos that you are seeing isn't in Hi-Def.

Just reference to this post in our blog to get the updated links. Enjoy!

My favorite scene in all of disk one is from Movie 12. The background music there is the piano version of "A Return..." which fit the whole scene perfectly. I loved the timing of the realtime cutscene in that area.


  1. So. Much. THANKS!

    This is a BOON for me trying to make a proper AMV for Lost Odyssey, where my best sources are snippets from trailers (in some cases, I can get HD ones), but mostly .flv files T___T

    Thanks for Disc 1! Are you going to do the other discs? I'm currently attempting to extract the raw video files from the game disc itself using the Lost Odyssey Video Extractor (yes, it shortens to LOVE, lol). They're all .wmv files anyway, and unfortunately much of the important scenes that use the in-game engine aren't extractable.

    Hopefully, I can upload these raw video sometime next week.

    This is because I have to download the disc image (but don't worry! I do own a physical copy, I just can't get the disc image on my com in any other way!), and it's killer downloading 25GB with only 3 days a week access to broadband...

  2. Thanks for uploading these videos! I love watching the cutscenes again and the Memory Lamp is so tedious because you have to switch discs consistently.

    When will you upload the rest of the cutscenes from the game? I'm waiting for someone to use LOVE to make a full 'movie' of all the cutscenes together.

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  4. Can anyone provide a link for the Lost Odyssey Video Extractor? All the links i've found online are dead, and I really want to make an AMV out of this game.