Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Campaigning for Lost Odyssey 2 - Game Still Doing Well in Europe

File this under "I'm doing this for a worthy cause!", Lost Odyssey is still doing quite well in Europe. It's the 10th best selling game in the UK (previously 5th), 19th in Ireland, 8th in the Netherlands, and 3rd in Spain! Also it's the 4th best selling game in Sweden!

For a JRPG that isn't Final Fantasy to be on the charts in Europe, this is spectacular sales. Normally an unknown JRPG franchise drops off the chart by this point. I'm surprised it's still hanging on. It could be gone by next week, but to stay for that long for two weeks already....Mistwalker, where's my Lost Odyssey 2?? I'm only doing this because I want to see the sequel! :D

For the full charts, check these links.



And by the way, VGChartz "edited" their Lost Odyssey figures for Europe to 57,166 for Week 1. It said on the previous week that it was about 40,000+. So the figures are still quite positive...I recall dealing with some Debbie Downers on other forums claiming that the sales for LO were, and I quote, "dropping like a rock". I guess I have the last laugh :D

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  1. I bought my copy from HK after thinking that Europe was going to get the cheapy US version packaging, but wish I'd picked it up here after seeing the UK case.

    Fingers crossed for a 2nd one, but hope they develop the main character a bit more. Something like a Final Fantasy story reset with common themse each time would be good.