Thursday, March 13, 2008

FanFiction.Net Lost Odyssey Section

I spotted that FanFiction.Net now has a Lost Odyssey section! Check it out below:

Right now it's still relatively new so there's only one story there....but I'm sure that this game's fanbase is rising by the day, and there will be more stories posted there soon.

I wonder if anyone will be able to pen a tale that can rival those in "A Thousand Years of Dreams"? Or if anyone can write something about what happens after the game's end? The game's story really opens up a lot of ideas for writing; it really has that much in terms of content for other story ideas. The inclusion of the game on FanFiction.Net is quite fitting, in my opinion.

Here's an idea (anyone out there from Microsoft? Hehehe....). There should be a writing contest for Lost Odyssey. If someone can write a story as good (or better) than the stories in "A Thousand Years of Dreams", they should win a prize of some sort (Autographed copy of the game, artbook/artwork etc....). Now that would be cool :D

UPDATE: I found out that the person who posted the very first story for the Lost Odyssey Fan Fiction section was also the person who managed to convince the site to start a category in the first place. The credit for starting the Lost Odyssey section in FanFiction.Net goes to Byakko :D By the way, this is the first story that was posted there:

Just Words by Byakko

For the other Lost Odyssey fans out there, why not start writing some stories? Who knows who could be reading....maybe they'll make it to Lost Odyssey 2, who knows? Get to it!!! :D


  1. Hey there! Just to let you know I was the one who emailed the 'decisive evidence' so to speak for opening the category!

    That...first fanfic up there is mine too XD Since I had the first notification and I felt obliged to X3

    Anyway, yeah, hoping the fandom would start noticing and start writing! I'm going to be awfully lonely (and look pretty silly) being the only one in that category >___<

  2. Greetings :D Wow, so you're Byakko, the person with the first ever fanfic for Lost Odyssey? Great job! I'll give you credit for starting the Lost Odyssey section in and update my blog post.

    Don't worry if it seems your story is all alone in that section right now. It should take a bit of time before we'll see more fanfics out there but I'm pretty confident there'll be more. The game just lends itself to a lot of story ideas :D Again, thanks for starting it out!