Sunday, June 14, 2009

Street Fighter IV: Finally Hit 2,000 Games Played on Xbox Live

Hey, you never know if or when my Street Fighter IV save file might get corrupted! There are rumors on forums online that it just happens at random. So I took these pics here to preserve how much time I've put in on Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360.

Most of the games I play online are Player Matches, the reason being that I enjoy being able to relax a bit when playing and not worry about losing Battle Points or think about the skill level of the opponents that I might end up playing against. Going on Player Matches causes me to play against more 'new' players, though; but I don't really mind. It's good to play the game just for fun :)

All the best players are in Championship mode or Ranked mode, occasionally I go there and I don't fare too well. But for the most part, many of my games online have just a slight bit of lag. I do have the occasional unplayable game, but I haven't had enough of those to make me hate the whole online experience with Street Fighter IV.

It's been great so far; I wonder when I'll actually stop playing this? On the side I'm also playing Halo Wars Single Player. Nothing beats competing against a human in a game of wits in Street Fighter IV. It's just endlessly enjoyable.

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