Sunday, June 14, 2009

Can Your PC Run Street Fighter IV? Find Out Tomorrow

According to this post from , the benchmark program for Street Fighter IV PC will be out tomorrow:


In last week's update at the Street Fighter IV blog, writer Natsuki Shiozawa announced that the Street Fighter IV benchmark would be offered at the official SFIV site on June 22, but would be accessible one week before that through an undisclosed means.

Today's update filled in the blanks. On June 15, the benchmark program will be downloadable from the following sites:


The benchmark will display the logo of the site of its origin, so you'll want to select the site with the least offensive logo (I'll help you out -- it's 4gamer).

They found out by translating this blog post on the Street Fighter IV Blog, here:

In other news, the same blog post at the Street Fighter blog had Yoshinori Ono posing with some trophies their game just won, just behind some really nice SFIV swag:

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