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R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson....the King of Pop! The man is truly a legend and he'll never be forgotten.

While I think at some point late in his career, his life took a turn for the strange, there's no denying his contributions to the music world. Since the day of his passing I've been reading up about this man, and it really seems he was a good person at heart. Unfortunately the media focused a lot on his court battles over allegations of child molestation. The thing is, and I didn't know about this beforehand----nothing was ever proven by the ones who were accusing him. They did not have any real, solid evidence. I will admit that I'm one of the people who thought Michael Jackson was guilty, initially. But then, I only thought that because that's what the newsmen on TV were making me think.

Well, now, we've got access to the Internet, and more information is out there about what really happened. It's just unfortunate that information about this is only more interesting now that he's gone. Based on everything that I've read about Michael Jackson, it seems he really was a good may be that he is just very eccentric because, in his words, he never had a childhood like everyone else, and this made him do things which are easily misinterpreted by the media or by people who don't really know him.

Right now he's in a better place. I'll always remember Michael Jackson as a legendary artist, and I'm glad to have been around during the time that he was alive.

Here's a post I found, ironically on Neogaf, which talks about what happened to Michael Jackson and his legal troubles towards the latter half of his life:

And here's a video with even more information:

Wuffy's thoughts:

When I first heard that Michael Jackson had passed away, I just woke up and I had trouble processing the news. I'm a fan of Michael Jackson, I'm not a crazed fan but I love his work. Ever since I was a small kid, every All Saint's Day all the radio stations would play 'Thriller' and my and my cousins would dance to it in the cemetery when we were bored. Every morning, one of the TV networks will always play 'We are the world' on TV and it came before Seasame Street so I saw it practically everyday.

I'm not someone who knew the lyrics of Michael Jackson's songs to heart. I knew the music. I knew that it was good. I knew that he was really good. I remember tuning in when one of the TV networks aired one of Michael Jackson's exclusive MTVs for the first time. There was no cable back then and every single person in my family was waiting for the MTV to be played.

I was one of those people who deep down believed Michael Jackson was innocent. A lot of people I know thought he was guilty, but me and my friends stood by him. We could never prove his innocence, it was just our gut telling us so despite everything that the media has said. Perhaps the real reason why I believed in his innocence was the song, 'Childhood'. The first time I heard that song, I had tears running down my eyes. I kept on playing that song over and over...I liked it even more than 'Black or White' and all the other songs in that album.

Just listen to that song.... Listen to the soul and sincerity that Michael Jackson has put in singing that song! Yes. Michael Jackson may be considered weird because he was an adult who thought like a child. But in some ways, I can relate. We all have our moments where we are childish and immature. But none of us can really relate with Michael Jackson who lost his childhood unintentionally in his quest for stardom.

And now Michael Jackson is gone.

It's hard to believe that our children won't grow up to see this man perform live (even on TV). I was unfortunate not to have seen him during his one day concert in Manila in 1996. For the next few days, I'll be hunting for a Michael Jackson memorabilia that we can keep. I can't believe that the mainstream media, such as Fox News continue to demonize Michael Jackson even in his death. I was so disgusted with the reporting that I turned off the TV. But history will regard Michael Jackson kindly because in the end what will last is his spellbinding talent.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. I pray that today you are with the Lord dancing together with Him in heaven.

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