Friday, June 12, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Category Available On Singapore Xbox Live Marketplace - Confirms Asian Version?

Thanks to a tip from Pinoyxbox I found out that there is already a category for Final Fantasy XIII in the Singapore Xbox Live marketplace. Does this mean that Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Asia/Singapore? I sure hope so.

Unfortunately, for some odd reason, the video for FFXIII on the Singapore marketplace is region locked, so I can't download it from my location (Philippines). Why is this locked? I doubt there's anything really violent or obscene about this video. I've seen it via the available downloads for E3 on other websites like Gametrailers, so what's the point of region-locking this?

Anyway, despite the fact that I can't download it from my location (along with the Crackdown 2 trailer....sigh) at the very least this is somewhat of a confirmation that maybe FFXIII is exclusive to PS3 in Japan only, but elsewhere around the world, the game will see a global release. Good news for Asian Xbox 360 owners!

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