Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prototype - Halfway Through Game...Just EPIC!

Just went through a boss fight that lasted over an hour and thirty minutes. I took so long because I used hit-and-run tactics to take down that boss. Eventually I found a 'way' to do it and it was extremely satisfying once it ended.

It was Capcom-esque in that you need to really work your way to winning that fight and it really isn't easy, unless there's something I completely missed and there's a technique to beating that boss quicker. (I'm sure there is; I'm just proud of beating that boss my way....hehe) I have no complaints!

The other day I read the review of Destructoid for Prototype. While they were relatively more positive for the game than they were for Infamous, I have to say that I did end up questioning the skill level of the reviewers there. They were complaining about mundane things, like figuring out how to beat certain classes of enemies, whining about the targeting system and the controls, etc. I just found it strange considering that I didn't really have any trouble with the more technical aspects of the game.

Maybe most reviewers for game websites are just casual gamers at heart. I've seen it before with big sites like IGN screwing up boss fights and then just complaining about it in their reviews. It just goes to show you that game reviews are not always reliable when it comes to opinions on games. It's better to combine their opinions with gamers' opinions from feedback pages or forums. The truth about a game is usually somewhere in the middle; reader feedback is normally more positive, while reviewers tend to focus a lot on everything negative about a game. Also, remember that game reviewers play on a deadline, and that usually makes them much, much more easily frustrated with a particularly difficult boss or enemy. So when they're whining about a hard boss fight or two, they're probably just inept at playing the game, or just don't have the time to spend to learn everything there is to learn about a game.

I think I'm nearing the end of Prototype; regarding game length, it's probably just as long as most games released for this generation of consoles, if you don't do any of the side-missions/mini-games.

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