Monday, June 01, 2009

Minutes to E3 - Gran Turismo 5 Will Be A No Show

On the week that the world will [possibly] get a first glimpse at Forza Motorsport 3, Microsoft's answer to the Gran Turismo series on the Playstation 3, it is being announced that NO questions will be entertained regarding Gran Turismo 5.

Only questions regarding Gran Turismo PSP will be entertained, apparently.


Those interviewing Polyphony Digital legend Kazanori Yamauchi at E3 tomorrow have been told not to ask questions about Gran Turismo 5, VG247 has learned.

Meaning? Well, presumably that the game du jour for the Sony car kids is going to be GT PSP only.

SCEA’s John Koller confirmed GT was on the way to PSP Go in the “leaked” Qore ep this weekend, and it now looks clear the focus will be on the handheld title as far as Gran Turismo’s concerned.

In my this rate, Microsoft will probably release Forza Motorsport 5 by the time Sony is comfortable to even talk about Gran Turismo 5. Gran Turismo's proper sequel has been delayed time and again. At this rate, their game is losing relevance with most gamers. I don't know what's taking Polyphony so long.

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