Friday, August 29, 2008

Too Human - Early Impressions

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Just played this game yesterday and finished the first and second level....that second level was really, really, REALLY long. I wish the boss fight didn't repeat itself too much but the trip to the boss had some really nicely designed areas.

I have to say, though...the cutscenes and voice acting in this game are SUPERB. There may be some choppiness here-and-there in the animation but the voice acting more than makes up for it.

The combat works sometimes and at other times I wish that I could see more feedback from the game as to whether or not I'm hitting something. It just needs more flashiness. For some reason it's more fun to use a gun/cannon in the game than to use your melee weapons (or maybe it's because of the character class I'm using, which is the defender)

I love the world of the game, and the characters (while they could have had better faces) are very, very interesting. Gamers who want their games to have oodles of story will have a lot to like in Too Human. You could play this game just focused on the storyline since it seems quite well done and is very engaging.

I will say the game does have a few gameplay problems, but none of the problems I've encountered so far make it seem like a game that deserves a 6 (as most review sites have mentioned). The town alone (which you visit after level 1) is so fantastically well designed; I love the intricately modeled statues all around the city.....I love how everything just looks and feels so 'epic' / 'grand' when you're traveling around the city. And even in the game levels themselves, you get this impression that you're in this epic story. Maybe it's the soundtrack doing it, or maybe it's the sound effects....Too Human is an epic game if you don't stop and nitpick the little flaws that it has.

There's a lot of improvement that they can do; I think a lot of it has to do with the smoothness of the user interface (UI). I just halts the game when you have to replace your equipment, and it needs more sound effects when you're replacing your items or editing your character or his skills. I guess that's what I mean to say when I say that the game needs more 'flashiness'....the UI has to tell you when you're hitting something, it has to prompt you more when you're changing items...and more importantly it has to tell you where to begin! When the game starts it's like it hurls the user into this extremely complicated interface that, if you're not a 'hardcore gamer' you'll either get lost or immediately give up. This game isn't noob friendly, folks. But it lacks certain touches that could have made it the perfect-hardcore-diablo-game.

But certainly there's a LOT of room for improvement and I hope that MS doesn't give up on the series. I hope they give it the Viva Pinata treatment (where they didn't give up on the game and allowed for a sequel even if the game didn't sell so well). I can imagine that the game MIGHT not sell that well because of all those negative reviews. But I can't see a game that deserves a '6', so far. The cutscenes alone rival MGS4 in terms of making the characters / universe seem so interesting.

Will post more impressions as I go through the game....


  1. Hey this is LiquidSnack from PXB

    Yeah I myself am playing this game, There are certain stuffs that needs improving, But the gameplay of this game is rather fun and addictive.

    I picked this up yesterday and i can't stop playing myself til noon, then i stopped and played some World Of Warcraft.

    Then thats the time it hit me, What if Too Human increased their multiplayer capacity of 2, to 4? It would actually be a party considering how this game actually feels like an MMORPG.

    Anyway if you want to play, you can hit me up anytime, I am more glad to play multiplayer with people i know, Rather than the ones who kept on taking my loots. :(

  2. Hi

    I have been reading your blog for a few months – I first discovered (or maybe in honor of the latest Square-Enix RPG, infinitely undiscovered it – ok that made no sense…) your blog when searching for a fair treatment of Lost Odyssey – as you we are all painfully aware, JRPG games never get a fair shake from most western game review sites – I automatically add 1.5 points to any JRPG's review to give me a fair idea of what a game should actually be scored. Your site was one of the first places were I saw a fair review that actually discussed the merits of the game and not the anti-JRPG bias that exists in most western media (does this bias exist with Philipino reviwers as well?. Let's hope Infinite Undiscovery gets a better treatment. Lost odyssey had great gameplay and the most emotional story I have ever seen in a video game - and I would have missed it all if I trusted the mainstream reviewers. Sites like yours let me know that I am not alone in my love for LO and distaste for the way JRPG's get treated by mainstream sources.
    Speaking of which - I was going to pre-order Infinite Undiscovery, but I admit to being a bit scared about the reviews again - the thing is, while I am seeing negative reviews from the same people who trashed Lost Odyssey, I am not yet seeing any good reviews from people who actually know what JRPG's are about - since the game isn't even out yet, (and you need to spend some serious time to write a good review) I know that you can't publish a review, but maybe, with your perceptive insight into JRPG's that you demonstrated with your Lost Odyssey blogposts, maybe you could talk about the stuff that we know so far from the less hostile sources out there.

    Just a thought - I (like many others, probably) and wondering whether to get this game, and whether to pre-order it (and get some nice goodies) but there is so little information about it, and the only stuff out there seems to mainly be from hostile anti-JRPG sources.

    Sorry for ranting for so long. Anyway, I was just writing to let you know that your blog has some fans over here in the United States. Keep up the good work! :-)


    P.S. I was going to put this on the Infinite Undiscovery Post, but the comments link didn't show up on my computer...sorry...

    P.S.S. Maybe Too Human is getting the "LO'ed" as well...?

  3. @archie,

    u should be aware as well, of the fact that Too Human was indeed initially announced as 4 player co-op. If Dyaack left it as it is and tweak down the graphics for 4 players I am sure the score will be a high 8. Now I'm not saying the game is total crap, indeed this game is a futuristic dungeon siege clone, has a similar skill tree to Diablo 2 with some nice combat styles but just missing the players to make use of the 5 classes :(~~~~ sad potential wasted lol.....

    P.S If you noticed during your gametime the maps are HUGE, they were initially designed for 4 player mayhem if the developers wished to do so. The graphics on this game is too good and I rather have shittier graphics but with a few more players to enjoy the fun together...

  4. Hey Mike, I agree with the your point that most western reviews of JRPG's tend to be negative but I find that publishes the most unbiased reviews, and I usually find myself in agreement with what the reviewer says. They gave a good review for Lost Odyssey too!

    Anyway, it DOES look like IU might be a little sub-par and I was personally not hyped for it nearly as much as I am for Star Ocean 4 and eventually FFXIII!

  5. Hi Dio,

    About IU - true, I had cancelled my pre-order before could ship it, and am now on the fence about this one. On the site you can see the first hour or so of the game as streaming videos - and the game looks ok, not LO-quality, but not dreadful either. The biggest issue is the dreadful production values - I am not obsessed with graphics, but seriously, this game appears to come from a previous era, and the english localization is terrible, at least compared, again, to Lost Odyssey, for example.

    The story/characters look intriguing enough, so I may wait for some more opinions (i.e. and this blog) and a price drop. $60 seems an awful lot for this short, 20 hour RPG...

    P.S. I doesn't hurt that Aya looks pretty cute - helping out lovely ladies so they then they fall in love with you later is never a bad thing, IMO. :-D