Thursday, August 07, 2008

Japanese launch for Tales of Vesperia

Back in 2005 during the launch of the XBOX 360 in Japan, this was what graced the front pages of several gaming sites with people laughing that the lack of support the Japanese had for the American console.

But lo and behold...the 'unthinkable' has happened!

That line in the picture above is the line for Tales of Vesperia in Japan. And its a sight that I would love to see happen more often. It's also a sght that indicates Microsoft Japan's long term strategy in capturing the Japanese audience seems to be pointing toward the right direction. More JRPGs and multiplatform games made by top Japanese publishers.

It is my opinion that this strategy will also prove to be more effective in the other Asian territories specially with the Japanese anime phenomenon. The 'Tales' Series has always been a popular franchse in Japan, while it doesn't have equal following as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, with each installment the Tales franchise gains more and more fans. 2008 marks the 10th year of the Tales Franchise and Namco is getting it started with a bang!

I certainly hope that I will get to play this game soon. There has been mixed reports regarding the release date of the English Asian Version of this game. Regardless, once I get my hands on it, I will no doubt post my thoughts regarding the game.

For now I leave you with the 'Opening Song' of Tales of Vesperia - 'Ring a Bell' by Bonnie Pink

And one of these days, I should post all the Tales Opening Videos in this blog since I loved the opening songs for Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. Special thanks to Predator JP from TeamXBOX for citing the Famitsu article.

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