Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Kotaku got a good scoop on this one:


"During E3, Microsoft announced that Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the Xbox 360 — but only for North America and Europe. However, the Xbox 360 was not announced for Japan. Add another country to the list!

At a recent Microsoft game exhibition in Taipei, Microsoft Taiwan's Entertainment and Devices Division head Grace Chou announced that Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 would go on sale in Taiwan, but haven't yet decided which localized version will be launched for the Asian territories.

We imagine that means it should be possible for Japanese Xbox 360 owners to import the Asia version and play it on their consoles — that is, unless the Asia FFXIII is region coded so that's impossible. This version could have the original Japanese language track with Chinese/Korean/English subtitles or it might be the English language version with Chinese/Korean subtitles. According to Chou, the language hasn't yet been decided.

Click through below for pics of the Taipei Xbox 360 event festivities, including ladies in sailor uniforms and a Dark Knight Xbox 360.

Was there ever really any doubt? They said it was exclusive to PS3 in Japan. Square-Enix has never stated otherwise in all their interviews. I'm quite confident this game will get a proper Asian version with multiple language subtitles, which is the treatment for most Asian Version games.

Great news for Asian Xbox 360 owners!

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