Thursday, August 07, 2008

Going to the WCG 2008: Asian Championship

I'm flying over to Singapore for the World Cyber Games: Asian Championship (which starts this Saturday). I hope it will be a good experience for me...I'm participating in the tournament for Virtua Fighter 5. It will be quite a tournament, with some of the best in the world actually competing head-to-head; No, I'm not exactly one of the best in the world...I've got no past championships or medals to my name. I'm just an avid VF player who got a good opportunity. Of course I will do my very best!

I've been practicing for quite a long time now....for about 6-8 months I've dedicated my gaming to VF5 just to prepare for this tournament. I hope it pays off, and I put on a good showing. I'm not expecting to win big but I do want to play decently enough to represent the Philippines well at the games. Of course I'll aim to win but I don't want to put any guarantees or promises. I want to enjoy this experience and not be too pressured. In fact I think it will be something else to actually meet other people who play VF as avidly as I do. It's such a technical, difficult game that it's hard to find other players who really appreciate the depth of it. I just hope that more VF games will be made in the future, and that somehow Sega can find a way to promote it to more gamers, in spite of the game's difficulty / learning curve.

Good luck to the entire Philippine Team for the World Cyber Games: Asian Championship! :D

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