Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thoughts on Soul Calibur IV

Just picked up Soul Calibur IV and went through a lot of the story mode. I like the game and highly recommend it....the game has this 'polish' that makes it feel like a complete game, and it's a great game to enjoy with friends, too:

- The graphics are the best out of a Japanese developer thus far. The character models are really intricate and detailed, and I love how sharp everything is.

- The weapon effects and overall feel of the combat is fantastic. I have a feeling that some of the characters are overpowered, but I'm not sure if this is more of my inexperience with the game's mechanics that makes some characters feel too strong.

- The endings of some of the characters---some are pretty good, while others are just....weird. I wish they spent more time with each characters' intro instead of just having scrolling text in there.

SCIV really feels like an enjoyable fighting game that's very accessible for new players and fighting game veterans alike. I highly recommend feels like a keeper.

For some reason I haven't developed a liking for a specific character yet, though.


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  2. just in case you haven't read the updates...

  3. Yup, I've heard about that news. I think Wuffy already posted about the Tales of Vesperia / Xbox 360 sales in Japan news earlier.

    Nonetheless, it's great news for the 360 in Japan :D I hope the Tales fans also try out the other JRPGs on the Xbox 360 right after they finish Tales, especially Lost Odyssey!