Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deluge of Games: Too Human, Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery

It seems the deluge of games for the Xbox 360 is about to begin. I'm barely done with Soulcalibur IV (I'm still enjoying the online mode immensely) and I'm in chapter 4 of Ninja Gaiden 2, and here comes three more big Xbox 360 titles:
  • Too Human - I'm getting this despite what the reviews out there are saying. I have a feeling the reaction in the reviews is more because of Denis Dyack's little stunt on Neogaf rather than weighing in on the game's actual merits. I've posted earlier about not 'understanding' the game after three tries, only to figure it out on my third attempt...apparently there's fun to be had in the game, and I think that's the whole point.
  • Tales of Vesperia - be prepared to read a lot of posts from my wife about this game. Hmm...if that's the case, I'm not going to have that much time playing on the 360 since she'll be using it... O_O ... Uh oh....
  • Infinite Undiscovery - Another RPG!? This month is going to lose 100+ hours just to these games. Then again, that's what we gamers enjoy about these types of titles---their longevity and story value is incredible.

Impressions to come as soon as we get 'em :D

Oh, wait, we'll give out impressions as soon as we spend enough time with these games. Unlike other 'professional' gaming sites which just play through five minutes of each game to determine their value, we actually play through the entire game here in Third World Gamer, before we lay down judgment. We also play the multiplayer mode, if it's part of the game. And we do that, extensively.

It's a great time to be an Xbox 360 gamer; it's raining games once again, and I don't see any signs of it stopping anytime soon.