Thursday, May 15, 2008

The World Is Not The Internet

I posted this on my 'base page' on just generally reflects what I think about their online community.

"The World is Not The Internet

By: scytherage
12:17 AM PDT
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After years of visiting, I've realized that the forum here in Teamxbox is a place where gamers constantly lament about their Xbox 360, tirelessly bemoan their game purchases (usually after five minutes of actual video game play), and long for any other game platform that isn't made by Microsoft.

In other words, this isn't really a place for real gamers or real Xbox 360 fans...It's a great place for xbox 360 news, though. But opinions? Reading the stuff here can be quite depressing; it'll make you want to move on to another hobby with less fanboys (or less people who think they aren't fanboys).

If you want to actually enjoy Xbox 360 gaming, play the games, make the most of them, and meet friends in REAL LIFE who like the same thing that you do and deal with them instead of the anonymous strangers who post here daily. The world is not the Internet....because of Internet anonymity, people are just too brutally honest and they don't really think things through before posting anything on forums online. Or they'd rather post just to get some 'lulz' (in real conversational dialogue, I meant, a lot of people post on forums just to get a laugh out of other people who they know, inevitably are going to take the arguments here too seriously).

So if you're new to forumgoing and notice that everyone's so damned negative about the Xbox 360, don't worry---it's NORMAL on this forum. It's not a reflection of reality. If that were the reality (that all the gamers who do have an Xbox 360 absolutely hated it and its games), then Microsoft would be pulling out of the console race already, and the company can simply go back to just focusing on general purpose computers or other real-world software applications (which is really their specialization and what brings them the most income). It's not like Microsoft NEEDS to be in the video game business. The sales data for Microsoft's game console also reflects how generally, the Xbox platform is now an accepted part of the console industry (worldwide); they're no longer newbies to the business and they know what it takes to make money and please their customers. Anyone who tells you otherwise still lives in their mother's basement and thinks it's 1995.

The only exception to this is Microsoft's performance in Japan, but that's an altogether different (and more complicated) topic of discussion entirely. In two of the major regions for console gaming, the United States and Europe, the Xbox 360 is faring well, and enjoys healthy sales for its variety of games. There is no gloom and doom other than what the forum posters may want you to believe....(and no, the Xbox 360's sales failure in Japan will never, ever make the incredible game/hardware sales for the Xbox 360 in Europe and the USA irrelevant.)

The truth is, many gamers (out there in the real world, who don't post on forums) do like the Xbox 360. The games are great, and there's a lot of fun to be had if you actually spend more time playing the games. The truth is, the 360 has a great may have strong competition in the Playstation 3 but it's not like the system is the Dreamcast of this generation (fyi, the dreamcast is an old, failed game console from years back, created by Sega. If you want to learn more about console failure, look up more information about the Dreamcast. Now THAT is the very definition of failure). The Xbox 360 may have problems like the three red lights of death, but for the most part Microsoft has dealt with this with better hardware (the Falcon, which doesn't get acknowledged at all by most gamers) and with a really solid three-year warranty.

And yes, despite what Microsoft has done to solve their hardware woes, some anonymous forum posters will endlessly, tirelessly, lament about this hardware issue anyway. It will never end, so usually posters like that are better off in your ignore list.

Many, many posters on this forum are very good at making it feel like Microsoft is a sinking ship, day in and day out. But the business reality is, they're doing very well, and I think they're quite happy with their position in the console industry. So if you start regretting your game console purchase after reading a paragraph or two from other so-called 'gamers' here, step off the PC and actually play with your Xbox 360. You'll feel a whole lot better. Remember that the installed base of the 360 worldwide is already well beyond the ten million mark, so Microsoft and other third-parties simply can't afford to ignore your game system. In other words, there will still be great games in the future for your Xbox 360, and don't make the 'supposedly-more-objective-because-they-hate-everything-Microsoft' fanboys make you believe otherwise.

If you really have a major problem with something xbox 360 related and want Microsoft to know about it, why post here? Go straight to or call their technical support...There's a higher likelihood that something will be done about your problem by going straight to the source rather than posting about your issue here. At least you know your complaints will get somewhere where it counts. Posting it here will just cause you to wallow in misery with the rest of the unhappy lot who don't play games and live to complain about something on a daily basis. A jaggy here, a framerate drop there---and it's the end of the world for a lot of the posters on this forum. Which is just sad, considering that sometimes, if you appreciate the entire game rather than the few moments when it didn't work the way you expect it to, you can actually have some fun or get some entertainment out of it."