Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another off-topic day: Some interesting reads on the 'net

We're still waiting for that US Xbox 360 Arcade unit that we ordered from someone over in so we can play Rock Band! :D

While waiting I occasionally play Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox Live (in preparation for the WCG Preliminaries). One of these days I'll post replays of some online matches that I enjoyed.

In other news....well, most of the gaming news I've seen these days are GTAIV related, and they're linked practically everywhere so you can't miss them. Money's a bit tight these days since we did order that new 360, so we aren't able to get in on the whole GTAIV thing.

So this will be another completely-unrelated-to-gaming post. But this is my blog and I can do whatever I want hehehe :D I saw this interesting write up on MSNBC:

It's related to this story:

My wife's a big Harry Potter fan and I only got into it because of the movies. I read a little of the first book, and the rest I only really know about through the films, which are just massive blockbusters.

I remember seeing a TV show about JK Rowling where it said that she is one of the richest women in the world. She was in the top 10 of that show's list. That said, I'm surprised that she's pursuing this lawsuit. She's a bit too controlling of her intellectual property, and in a way, what she's doing is alienating her fans. It's not like the guy in the article is claiming the work as his own....but then, later on in the same article it says how JK was planning to write her own encyclopedia a few years from now....tsk tsk tsk...I bet she only thought of doing that after seeing his work.

I guess greed and power know no bounds.


There's more nice write-ups in that MSNBC link I provided; they're all at the bottom portion of the JK Rowling commentary I posted. They're mostly related to stuff on the internet, like movies and viral marketing, violence getting posted on Youtube, etc....well written stuff that doesn't sound like the usual tripe off the Internet. Imagine a time when there weren't any blogs or messageboards; it's the kind of material that feels straight out of that magazine you used to buy before the Internet came along. Great reads.

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