Friday, May 30, 2008



1. You only get to pick the easiest I thought this game would be a walk in the park.

2. Around four or five guys jump me at the start of the game, and I'm surprised at how aggressive they are. I had to use block in most cases. They weren't able to kill me (since the game was in the Easiest setting) but I was surprised at the enemy AI's behavior. After having played DMC4 I totally didn't expect that.

3. I was all oooohs and aaaaahs at the 60 FPS frame rate! There were a few rare occasions that it dipped but I didn't care! BLOOD AND GUTS EVERYWHERE FTW OMG YEAH!

4. You can pick Japanese voice / English subs for the purists out there.

5. You can choose from VARIOUS WEAPONS in the DEMO! Oh man, I loved the scythe! Yesssss! And then later, you pick up a SPEAR and it's more awesome compared to the scythe!!!

6. I'm amazed at the quality of Ryu's animations and there seem to be a good variety of moves for an action game.

7. The graphics are incredible! Triple-A quality game, definitely.

8. The demo felt a bit longer than the usual demos and that's a great thing. It has enough content to make you want more.

The videos for this game don't do it justice. This is one -AWESOME- action/adventure game for the Xbox 360, you'll just know it the moment you try the demo. Definitely worth getting!

Now, if I can only figure out a way to fit both Ninja Gaiden 2 and Race Driver: Grid into my gaming budget.....once again, the eternal problem of xbox 360 gamers---we're just spoiled brats when it comes to the number of triple-A quality titles to play---there's just so many damn awesome games! Add this to the mountainous pile of quality titles...defintely worth it!!!!!!!!111111

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