Friday, May 23, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit

I found a nice, large picture for the drum kit for Guitar Hero World Tour (GH4) online. Looks great! I just hope they can solve the problems that the Rock Band drum kit had:

- the Rock Band drum pedals break easily (ours hasn't broken yet but we've read online that it really does break easily; we had to modify ours with rubber stoppers to prevent it from breaking).

- the Rock Band pads are so loud, so sometimes it's hard to hear the notes that are playing in the game when you hit the pads hard enough. I also read they're prone to breaking if you hit them too hard too.

- Lastly, I also read that the Rock Band drum pads aren't sensitive enough for playing through some songs on Hard or Expert difficulty. It can't keep up when you're drumming really, really fast on some songs.

Activision can capitalize on these mistakes from EA/Harmonix and make a better drumkit. Now, if only they had access to a better list of songs and had more downloadable content.....

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  1. the new drum kit looks much better, almost awesome, though I wish they made a pro/hardcore drum game first and re-design a more realistic drum kit that utilises all 10 buttons on the xbox controller, I want a left pedal as well :D