Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PINOYPSX Crazed Sony Fanboys Trolling PINOYXBOX Forums

Note that this isn't the first time that they've done this.

Here's what I have to say to the psychotic Sony fanboys.

"Hay naku, here we go again.

And you wonder why Pinoypsx never gets any respect from Pinoyxbox members.

One time my friend (a Playstation fan) went to Pinoypsx and he said he couldn't understand why the posts there felt so immature. And they're always flaming members about something. Basically he said the members on PPSX were always so hostile or angry about something. It's either console wars or they're flaming other gamers about petty things.

I told him I was more of an Xbox person and I said what I thought about the PS3 freely. Heck I told him what was so wrong about it. But he didn't mind, and at the end of the day he's still getting a PS3 for MGS4.

I respect his decision. After all, that's the game he wants to play, and at the end of the day, that's the whole point of buying a game system. To play the game that YOU want. It doesn't matter if there's an entire community of people totally against one game or one system. If you love something, just enjoy it. You don't have to wage World War III and justify your purchase. It's wrong, pointless, immature and stupid. And for some to expect that Pinoyxbox gamers will not be 'biased' for or against the PS3 is really ridiculous. This is Pinoyxbox. People who are fans of the Xbox will go here, and they'll favor the xbox. What did you expect? Naturally if you post something that's implicitly against the Xbox, you will get flamed, it's just the way it goes on an Xbox forum. Much like if I went to PPSX and posted every-single-thing I dislike about the PS3, I'd get flamed all the way to hell for it. The difference being that I don't go around making forum accounts and trolling in places which support things that I'm not a fan of.

If friendlier dialogue were even remotely possible between Pinoypsx and Pinoyxbox than maybe the two sites could have worked together and helped advance console gaming here in this country. Because as it stands, we all have the same problem: There's no official support. When our consoles break (that includes you PPSX people and your BDL woes) we have no choice but to spend more to fix our problems. Console games are hard to find and relatively expensive here compared to neighboring countries. And there's nothing being done about piracy, which only discourages official support all the more.

Anyway, after reading some posts here, I'm locking this thread and reporting all the trolls to recommend for ban. It's obvious some of you are just here to cause trouble, and this thread should remain here in this forum, for everyone to see exactly why animosity exists between Pinoyxbox and Pinoypsx."