Monday, May 12, 2008

Hackenslash Article: "Pinoyxbox Likes it Live"

During the World Cyber Games press event we met with Alex Villafania and chatted about the Pinoyxbox community and the upcoming WCG preliminaries. They posted a new article on with a video interview with us about the Xbox Community in the Philippines.

Article link :

Thanks to Alex from for helping us to promote the local Xbox community :D


  1. Hey - I check your blog all the time and I've been disappointed to see that there's no new posts about Lost Odyssey or other JRPGs!

    I'm really looking forward to the post of the Lost Odyssey cutscenes from discs 2-4 ;)

  2. Not much news on the JRPG front....well I do know that Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery is due out some time this year. I'm not sure when the english versions for those games will be out, though....I know some screenshots came out but we didn't post them here, instead opting to post it on the community site that we help moderate, . If you're a pinoy gamer and want to know more about JRPGs on the Xbox 360, check the Xbox 360 games forum and check out our Infinite Undiscovery thread and our Tales of Vesperia thread:

    Tales of Vesperia thread:

    Infinite Undiscovery:

    Sorry to say this, but our blog doesn't exclusively cover Lost Odyssey or JRPGs, though Wuffy is really a huge JRPG fan. We cover mostly Xbox 360 because....well, that's the only console we've got. Call it fanboyism or whichever term, it's where we game. if we get a PS3 then maybe we'd talk about PS3 games a lot more but until that happens, usually it's 360 games in general that's our subject matter.

    Also, our primary concern is helping to advance the cause to get some kind of 'official support' for gamers in our country. As you may have found out by now, we are gamers from the Philippines and in our country console gaming isn't recognized by the local mainstream other than through the grey market and stores which sell pirated software. We hope that our blog can somehow change that because we aim to show that there is strong support for legitimate console gaming here, that there IS a market that can be tapped into (albeit relatively small compared to first world markets like the US or Japan).

    As for all the WCG coverage, that's in line with our goal....we want console gamers in the Philippines to be recognized as a growing segment of the gaming population here. We're endorsing it so much because we believe that if a lot of gamers show up for the WCG, the argument most critics give that 'console gaming is a relatively small market in the Philippines' can be proven wrong. There is a market; it's just that there are other problems (such as piracy and the lack of support) that are preventing this market from growing.

    Now going back to those LO cutscenes...recently we've been busy with other things so we haven't had the time to record them. It takes a bit of effort to get those videos on file and to upload them (the videos are quite long).

  3. Hey shad! Thanks for dropping by. As Scytherage has mentioned we haven't exactly gotten around to posting the cutscenes. Originally, I intended the cutscene posting to be a teaser for the 360 gamers who were interested in the game since the Asian version was released before the US one.

    As the US release date drew nearer, I decided to stop taping the cutscenes because I was afraid that it will be used to spoil the plot of the game. After that, work kept on coming so I didn't have time to replay Lost Odyssey.

    These days we are working a lot more in promoting 360 gaming here in our country. We don't really gain anything out of it but its fun to bring the community together, hence most of our efforts are concentrated on that.

    But rest assured that once the next JRPG comes along, I'll definitely be playing it! :) If it comes ahead in Asia, I will try my best to give good coverage until the game will be released in the US. Till then, I hope you still check out our blog every so often. Thanks again! :)