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Slow News Day....So Here's Some Famitsu News

Famitsu 360


Ninja Blade 8997
Midnight Club 8888
Street Fighter IV 9988
Skate 2 7887
Shooting Love 7767
Star Ocean 4 9988
Sonic 8889
Chaos Head Noah 8879

Regular Famitsu scores

Chibimarukochan 8777
Destiny Links 9889
Tantei Conan and Kaneda Shounen no Jikenhaku 7876
Midnight Club PSP 7888
Enkakusousa 9888
Shaun White Snowboarding PSP 6777
Demon's Souls 7967
Shaun White Snowboarding PS3 6866
Midnight Club PS3 8988
Midnight Club 360 8988


- didn't expect the hardware sales to grow as much as they did
- gears 2 is in the process of being properly localized for JP, some stuff must be cut
- not considering BD version of 360. they slyly dodge the question of a slim 360, but seems something will happen

Bandai Namco
- surprised how well ToV sold. Gundam Musou 2 also did well
- Naruto Narutimate Storm (sp?) showed Japan's ability to put out a "super anime" game, or something
- plan to release 5-6 games on 360 this year. since it's HD they are all big titles
- some new IP
- i-mas DLC sales were a massive surprise. even though they don't sell overseas, the dev costs are totally covered

- bully and fallout 3 left a good impression
- the cancellation of star trek legacy was because the contract had run out, even though the dev was basically done
- fallout 3 sales were good
- will release multiple titles in 2009, including a surprising big project using another firm's IP
- will not release any games with an average review score less than 80

- RE5 will sell 5-6 million. Within Japan, expect sales of 500k on one of the platforms
- demo was very popular
- 2009 will be multi-platform year
- sequels to Dead Rising and Lost Platform will be put out. They'll be multiplatform, but the 360 versions will have something a little different

- will probably release Dirt in japan too (Grid came out this month)
- thinking about a sequel to Overlord
- Xbox users love their games

- Japan can expect Dante's Inferno
- considering selling retail games online, like they are doing with ps3
- will release close to 2008's number of games (17) this year

- developing for 360

- putting lots of effort into 360 this year
- 3D is expensive so prefer 2D dev
- shooting games future will depend on how well dodonpachi and ketsui sell

From Software
- Ninja Blade coming out simultaneously worldwide (is it!?)
- Developing a 360 only game after Ninja Blade will be very difficult, waiting to see how the Japan market goes

- gundam musou 2 sold 60k on 360, feeling some positive response from the market
- including ports, will release quite a few games this year
- planning some new IP too
- will also make full use of Tecmo's skills

- Mizuguchi not involved much in N3 II - devs are feelplus
- info will come out in spring
- planning collaboration with atari

- feel 360 is holding up well
- planning a (some?) big title besides Bayonetta. it's multi but they expect 360 owners will be happy nevertheless

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