Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just Picked Up: Ratchet and Clank Future - Tools of Destruction

So busy these days, hardly have the time to write on the blog....anyway, just got Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for the PS3 the other day. [It was either that or Resistance 2. Well, Ratchet was on sale at I-Tech for 1,900 bucks, so why not?]

Super fast impressions:

- Graphics are beautiful, in spite of all the detail, the game manages to stay locked at 60 FPS! Wow!

- Gameplay feels fun and varied. Thank goodness I could turn off the Sixaxis controls...One part of the game required it, and it's really frustrating to use. I prefer to just use the sticks for the gliding portions.

- There was one cutscene at the start of the game that really made me LOL because the joke was really good....the one where Ratchet and Clank ride the spaceship and then the system engages cryo-sleep....hehehe! One of those rare occasions where a video game really made me bawl out laughing. :)


I was supposed to write a review for Little Big Planet. I finished that game a few days ago. It's just that I have too much to do these days.

Shortest LBP review ever: It's a great game, innovative level designs particularly towards the middle and end of the game. LBP's definitely worth buying for the PS3. Score: 9/10. I'll write a longer review for LBP if ever I find the time....I've got a slight headache from all the computer programming I've been doing lately.


Our Xbox 360 hasn't been seeing much action lately. It's hard to play on multiple consoles in the sense that you can't devote your time to both of them. I do think I'll get to play a bit more with the Xbox 360 soon once Street Fighter 4 and Star Ocean 4 roll around. But then....I'm a bit undecided about something.

What version of Street Fighter 4 should I buy? While I do have a fighting stick already for the Xbox 360, I'm just pondering on whether to build up my library of PS3 games, or just buy SF4 for the 360.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions.....

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