Saturday, January 10, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII - Official Site Updated

The official web site for Final Fantasy XIII is now up (was it up before? Not sure....I haven't checked in the past). There's a preview of the game's soundtrack and a few pics there, along with some character profiles and art.

Now that we've got a PS3, we're likely to get the PS3 version for this game: not because I think the Playstation version will be's more because I'd rather see both my consoles get used in one way or another. I wouldn't want any of my systems to gather dust! It's not like my Xbox 360 is going to miss any action either, with all the games that will be out for it. It is good to know that the game will be multiplatform, so even Xbox 360 gamers can get it. Everybody wins!

And if the demand is too crazy for the PS3 version, there's always the Xbox 360 version as an alternative. I don't think the PS3 version and the Xbox 360 version will be that different from one another. As we've seen with most releases this console generation, the two machines are practically equal in power and capability. And now that we actually own a Playstation 3, we know that that is the truth. It's just that the Xbox 360 has more games than the Playstation 3, and that's probably the only thing that sets the consoles apart.

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