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Famitsu's Top 50 Xbox 360 Games in Japan

And some other facts and figures, too.

Top 50 software to date (Based on sales/units sold):

1. Blue Dragon 203,740
2. Tales of Vesperia 161,070
3. The Last Remnant 134,611
4. Infinite Undiscovery 112,444
5. Lost Odyssey 109,517
6. Dead or Alive 4 108,618
7. Viva Pinata (Platinum) 101,552
8. Forza 2 (Platinum) 100,591
9. Ace Combat 6 95,002
10. Halo 3 83,696
11. Idolm@ster Live 4 U 75,272
12. Ridge Racer 6 73,501
13. Oblivion 72,274
14. Eternal Sonata 70,435
15. Gears of War 68,270
16. Dead Rising 68,078
17. Lost Planet 61,555
18. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 60,544
19. Grand Theft Auto IV 59,893
20. Assassin's Creed 55,261
21. Devil May Cry 4 55,259
22. Call of Duty 4 54,742
23. Soul Calibur IV 53,403
24. Fallout 3 49,543
25. Ninja Gaiden 2 48,945
26. Dynasty Warriors 6 48,796
27. Idolm@ster 48,695
28. Idolm@ster (Platinum) 47,344
29. Fable II 43,682
30. Ace Combat 6 (Platinum) 41,880
31. Beautiful Katamari (Platinum) 41,492
32. Armored Core 4A 40,391
33. Gundam Operation Troy 38,713
34. Ninety-Nine Nights 38,019
35. Gundam Musou 2 34,988
36. Earth Defense Force 3 (Platinum) 33,675
37. Forza 2 31,255
38. Rumble Roses XX 29,187
39. Crackdown 28,588
40. Culdcept Saga 27,960
41. Battlefield Bad Company 27.604
42. Earth Defense Force 3 27,087
43. Dead Rising (Platinum) 26,504
44. Perfect Dark Zero 26,085
45. Test Drive Unlimited 25,788
46. PGR3 25,058
47. Dragonball Z Burst Limit 25,051
48. Beautiful Katamari 24,959
49. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom 23,936
50. Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena 23,776

Hardware vs. number of releases / year
2005: 81,770 - 10 games
2006: 208,697 - 60 games
2007: 257,841 - 60 games
2008: 317,859 - 78 games
Total: 866,167 - 208 games

Data: Famitsu 2008/12/28

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