Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On The Rampant Metal Gear Solid 4 for Xbox 360 Rumors.

This rumor is everywhere right now on the 'net, and a lot of people are expecting this to be announced at E3 this year. Here's my position on it:

1. I don't really care - It's too late for the game to be released on the Xbox 360. It has had enough time released on the Playstation 3 and I think by this point in time everyone who wants to play the game has already bought it for the PS3.

If it were to be released for the Xbox 360, it would just be something that MS would add to their bullet point of exclusives stolen from the Sony lineup; but I don't think it would have that much of a drastic effect on the battle between Microsoft and Sony.

2. I still think it's unlikely to happen - despite all the rumors online, it just feels too much of an insignificant game to be released at this point in time. As I already mentioned, most people who want this game already got it somehow, for their PS3s. It wouldn't be as big a 'megaton' as, say, the announcement of FFXIII for the Xbox 360 in the US. I think it would not yield that much hype as it originally did for the Playstation 3. In other words, a simultaneous release of a major game franchise would be a bigger deal than a delayed release like this one. It won't get too much attention from the press, I'm sure of it, because it's a game they already played a year ago. And in the end, sometimes, it's the hype produced by any particular game, that makes it a success in the market.

I'm sure there's going to be countless articles written after the release of MGS4 on Xbox 360 (if it does happen) overanalyzing why the game didn't do well on the Xbox 360, or how the fans for the MGS series are all on Playstation 3....opinions which, quite frankly, are all wrong. It won't sell on the Xbox 360 not because the fans are all on the PS3---it's because all the gamers who really wanted the game already bought it a year ago. Why would they buy it again? To savor possibly 20 minutes of extra cutscenes? But don't go blaming the Xbox 360 player base when MGS4 for the Xbox 360 does poorly in the market.

This is like Virtua Fighter 5 suddenly being released for the Xbox 360 (and stories being told about why the game didn't sell on the Xbox 360), all over again....

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