Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mad Catz PS3 Street Fighter IV Fightstick Spotted in I-TECH GREENHILLS!

News flash! We spotted the PLAYSTATION 3 MAD CATZ STREET FIGHTER IV Standard Arcade Fightstick over in I-TECH (Mr. Dynamic) in Virra mall/V-Mall Greenhills!

Price: PHP 7,290.00
Number of items: 2 Fightsticks still in stock as of 12:00 NN today.

A couple of other stores were also selling what appeared to be a Chinese-made 'Fighting Joystick' for prices ranging from PHP 1,800 (Rockfire) to PHP 2,500 (Gamezone, i think). There were other stores which had this cheaper fighting stick.

We got to take a look inside the box and despite the stick not being the 'TOURNAMENT EDITION' stick that is usually featured on most tournaments internationally, it still has a high-quality feel to it that you won't find with most other arcade sticks. The build quality on it seems much better than my existing Hori EX2 stick for my Xbox 360.

I couldn't afford the stick at this time; got bills to pay and in the end I didn't buy it. I am sure that these things will get sold out quickly, knowing how hard it is to find them here locally. You'd spend just as much importing a stick like this (or maybe more, considering that you have to deal with the Philippine government's corrupt customs practices whenever you import something online). If I had the money right now, I'd buy one of these things without hesitation. Really nice looking arcade stick!

I found a review of this arcade stick, comparing it with the Hori EX2.

A search on Ebay reveals that this stick is priced from about PHP 5,205.35 to PHP 6,208.21 internationally. Reading on various forums online, you'd see that there's a shortage of this item everywhere around the world, so PHP 7,290 seems like a fair enough price for it, considering how rare it's becoming these days.

NOTE: I-Tech has other branches in Market Market and Glorietta which may or may not have the stick in stock. I'm not sure if they do, but if the SFIV stick is no longer in Greenhills, perhaps you can find them in those other branches.

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