Thursday, May 21, 2009

On Capcom Japan's Decision NOT To Go To E3 2009.

Here's Kotaku making too much of a big deal of Capcom Japan's decision not to go to E3 2009.

I actually AGREE with Capcom Japan.

I'd rather that Capcom Japan's very-talented-developers and staff not take the risk of being infected with the H1N1 virus. Personally, I can wait for Dead Rising 2 to be revealed at another time. It's not like the game itself is getting delayed.

I think it's just the game journalists over at Kotaku crying over not being able to get first dibs on Capcom's upcoming games.

And besides, Capcom can always organize their own press events later on this year, with much more attention directed towards them, than having to fight for attention at a noisy convention center during E3 itself.

At this time, I think Capcom has the best and most talented development teams outside of the United States and Europe developing games for current generation consoles. It would be a real shame to lose them to H1N1; it's definitely NOT worth the risk for them to go to E3 2009.

Here's another way of looking at it: H1N1 has begun to spread in Japan in the same place where Capcom's offices are located. If Capcom Japan goes to E3, it's likely that they could spread the sickness there, if their employees in Japan somehow get infected on the way. They'd take the blame since they're coming from a place in Japan where the sickness has begun to spread. So in a way, it's quite socially responsible of Capcom Japan to decide NOT to go to E3 2009.

I say it's best for Capcom Japan to just wait out this current epidemic. It's not like they need any MORE marketing for their million-selling games. They'll do fine, even with less (or no) presence at E3 2009.

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