Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Apple's Counter-Ad to Microsoft's 'Laptop Hunters' Just Reeks Of Fail

To watch Apple's counter-ad to the 'Laptop Hunters' series of ads, click here:

That ad just reeks of fail, in more ways than one.

Regarding viruses on PC: Responsible computer use/internet surfing and ample prevention meausres can protect you quite easily from viruses on Windows. And its not like Macs are completely free from viruses, either.

Crashing/Reliability: Did the ones who wrote this ad use Windows 95? This is not really much of a problem these days, with Windows XP, Windows Vista or the upcoming Windows 7. The ones who usually experience these issues usually have bad memory modules that are already several years old.

Mac laptops are also not known to be reliable pieces of hardware. If you're aware of the Xbox 360's 3RL/RROD issue, did you know that the solution to 3RL/RROD originally came from people who repaired Mac laptops? The well-known "Heat Gun Fix" for the Xbox 360 was actually thought of by people who dealt with the same problem which existed with Mac laptops.

So those Mac laptops may not last too long, given all the heat those things generate.

Headaches: This is relative to each user; with each new generation of Windows, it's becoming much easier to use. Again, perhaps the ones making the ad are still basing their facts on Windows 95.

One thing that wasn't mentioned:

PRICE: This is where Apple/Mac always loses. Every time. I was able to get my wife a decent, powerful laptop for only PHP 28.5K (decent and powerful enough for software development and mundane office work, at least). The lowest end / second hand Mac laptops start at PHP 50.0K. Ouch. Definitely not friendly in terms of price.

Macs are great for posing when you're having coffee at Starbucks, though. That's about the only thing they're good for.

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