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Xbox 360 Price Drop in Japan! O_O

I was reading more about the Xbox 360 price drop in Japan...I tried converting the new prices for Xbox 360s in Japan (including for some of the 'platinum hits') to our local Philippine currency, and this is what I got:

JPY - Japanese Yen
USD - US Dollar
PHP - Philippine Peso

Prices converted as of Sept 2, 2008 at

Xbox 360 Arcade
19,800.00 JPY = 182.860 USD = 8,475.56 PHP

Xbox 360 Premium with 60GB HDD
29,800.00 JPY = 275.1233 USD = 12,749.61 PHP

Xbox 360 Elite
39,800.00 JPY = 367.3247 USD = 17,022.81 PHP

Xbox 360 Games - 'Platinum Hits'

"Some of the system's biggest hits are also going down in price as they join the 360's growing Platinum Collection budget lineup. Gundam Musou International (Dynasty Warriors Gundam), Ace Combat 6, Beautiful Katamari Damacy, Lost Odyssey, Project Gotham Racing 4, and Assassin's Creed will join the lineup between October 23 and November 5, selling for between 2,940 yen and 3,800 yen. "

2,940.00 JPY = 27.1561 USD = 1,258.55 PHP
3,800.00 JPY = 35.1031 USD = 1,626.99 PHP

Conversion factors from as of Sept 2, 2008

Japan Yen United States Dollars
1 JPY = 0.00922926 USD = 108.351 JPY

United States Dollars Philippines Pesos
1 USD = 46.3420 PHP = 0.0215787 USD

My comment:


Those are ridiculously good prices for Xbox 360 consoles and platinum hits games! For example, the Xbox 360 Elite in Japan is actually CHEAPER than the Xbox 360 20GB Falcons that are currently available locally in Greenhills! And those game prices are extremely affordable already, they're nearly at par with PC game prices here in the Philippines!

I hope that the local retailers here in the Philippines who do parallel imports/grey imports will consider reselling Xbox 360s and games imported from Japan. Consider that:

1. Asian Xbox 360 games are compatible with the Japanese Xbox 360
2. Most Japanese Xbox 360 games are compatible with the Asian Xbox 360
3. Most Japanese Xbox 360 games come with English voice/menu/text if your console is set to English

The only problem with Japanese Xbox 360s are that they're 110V, so you'd need a transformer to use them here locally. But then, it's still an inexpensive way to jump in to Xbox 360 gaming, so why not?

As it stands, these prices for consoles and games are extremely attractive to people thinking about getting a next-generation system. With the 3RL / RROD issues already being resolved with the newer Falcon hardware, and the literal flood of new games coming in the next few months, it's a great time to invest in an Xbox 360.

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