Thursday, September 04, 2008

PINOYXBOX Guitar Hero III Finalists featured on "Umagang Kay Ganda"

Video courtesy of Angelscircle from

Thanks to ABS-CBN Channel 2 for inviting us over to their morning show "Umagang Kay Ganda" to talk about Guitar Hero III, the World Cyber Games 2008, and the Pinoyxbox Community. Thanks also to Manolet, Luis, Ralph, and Marlowe for coming over (yes it was extreme hassle to wake up at 3AM for this segment, but in the end it was really worth it!). We all had a great time and we're glad to have participated in the show to tell more people about the Xbox 360, Guitar Hero and the WCG.

Now this is even better news....ABS-CBN invited us again for next week's Tuesday episode of Umagang Kay Ganda. This time we were asked to feature Rockband! (With the entire set of drums, guitars and vocals). I can imagine this will be even more fun for everyone at the show! Until next week! :D

UPDATE: Holocause from Pinoyxbox also recorded the ABS-CBN episode of Umagang Kay Ganda; this time he recorded almost every single instance that GH3 or the Xbox 360 was shown throughout the course of the episode:

Thanks to Holocause from Pinoyxbox for taking the time to record and upload the video! :D

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