Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Rico and Rucha from Infinite Undiscovery celebrate the Xbox 360's victory over the Nintendo Wii!

BREAKING NEWS: is reporting that, for the very first time in the history of this generation of consoles in Japan, the Xbox 360 has outsold the NINTENDO WII in Japan for the week of September 8-14!

Link to Article : (Note, it is in Japanese)

Translation provided by user 'Predator JP' from Teamxbox forums:

"Infinite Undiscovery sold 86,708 first week In Japan.

360 got price drop on the same day and hardware outsold Wii

360 - 28,681
Wii - 27,057
PS3 - 8,050
(sep 8th ~ 14th)"


"Xbox 360 Tops Wii in Hardware Sales -- Enterbrain
Price drop leads to sales surge.

--Sep 17, 2008, 17:14, Tokyo--With two weeks of hardware shortages behind it, a lower price point, a new hardware package, and a major Square Enix release, the Xbox 360 surged to the top of the console race for the week covering September 8 through September 14.

Data provided by Enterbrain, as passed along by, has the 360 at 28,681 units for the week. This was a major leap over the previous week, during which the system had managed just 843 units.

The tracking period covers the September 11 release of a new 60 gigabyte 360 package. In addition to replacing the 20 gigabyte model, this new package drops the price down 5,000 yen to 29,800 yen. Microsoft simultaneously dropped the price of the Arcade and Elite systems to, respectively, 19,800 and 39,800 yen, and heavily promoted Square Enix's Infinite Undiscovery, released the same day.

Coinciding with the 360's surge, the Wii took somewhat of a downward turn, ending up with 27,057 units for the week. PS3 managed 8,050 units. All this worked to make the 360 the lead console platform for the first time since its launch.

Total domestic system sales for the 360 have crossed the 717,275 unit mark, Entebrain also reported.

The firm also reported first week sales of 86,708 units for Infinite Undiscovery. While not as high as first week sales of Tales of Vesperia, this is in the upper ranks of 360 software.
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UPDATE: Media-Create posted their own hardware sales figures; their own numbers are slightly different from Enterbrain/Famitsu's. Considering they collect their data in different ways, the difference is understandable.


- Nintendo DS - 63,859
- PSP - 30,156
- Wii - 29,686
- Xbox 360 - 28,188
- PlayStation 3 - 8,053
- PlayStation 2 - 7,669

These new numbers also doesn't disregard the fact that it's been a good week for the Xbox 360 in general in Japan; normally it only gets about 3,000+ sales every week. With all these JRPGs coming out for the system, coupled with the lower price, the 360 is still seeing better days than it used to.


  1. Hi

    When I clicked on the link for the translation of the Famitzu article, it didn't come up? Instead I just got a single small thread box from the user that you mentioned (Predator JP) but no article translation.

    Anyway, it looks like IU is also doing well - I wonder if it's getting trashed in the mainstream reviews was just another "Lost Odyessy-ification?"

    BTW - that dance thing is hilarious - I haven't even played the game but I have to wonder what Aya's reaction is? The game seems to have a strong humor component.

  2. Sometimes linking back to Famitsu doesn't work. I also provided this other source that translated Famitsu's article:

    Another way is to just go directly to and check out the article there.

    Gamasutra also posted this news story here:

    Regarding IU; story-wise I think LO is superior in many ways. IU is an enjoyable game but if you're the type who gets put off by cliches' you might not like it because it has a couple of those. I for one am enjoying it because of the action element. The cutscenes, despite some cliches', are enjoyable to watch and really well rendered. The world itself feels 'huge' most of the time and you'll find yourself feeling lost occasionally. I'm leaning more towards recommending it but if you compare it with ToV and LO I think ToV and LO might be better games in terms of story. IU is a great game in terms of action, especially when you've got your entire party involved in the combat (thus far I've seen more than 10 of the main characters on the field at one time). It really makes the combat feel epic.

    IU also has a lot of nice, funny moments like that one in the GIF. the game every girl seems to be falling in love for Capell, and in that scene one of those girls is inviting him for dinner. So the little kids start dancing and saying 'DINNER! DINNER! DINNER', and then Capell goes on to follow them and starts singing the same thing. Aya's reaction is hilarious because you can see she's furious/jealous already by that point. - END SPOILER

    That's one thing IU did right---it has a lot of humorous moments so even if the story has some things that feel like they're in other JRPGs, it's more than made up for by the characters and those funny bits.

    If you could buy both ToV and IU, buy both. If you could buy only one at a time, buy IU first then end with ToV, that way you get the best JRPG experience on the Xbox 360.

  3. did provide the link. My fault...sorry. But thanks for the link in the comments anyway! :-)

    About the bundle o' JRPG's on the 360 - from my reading about IU (it was hard to get info on it before it came out) it does seem to be kinda cliche-heavy, and it would have to work hard to top LO (I am at the start of disc 4 in LO right now – such a good game – LO is the reason for me not trusting mainstream game reviewers anymore – I can’t believe I almost believed them and was going to not buy that game…but your blog has talked about this issue plenty of times…so I am going to stop my rant before it starts…)

    I am also looking forward to Wuffy posting about ToV [is she near done? :-) ] – the demo was fun, although I cannot beat that boss at the end – it seems like the game in unbalanced, but of course that was a demo and not the retail version. I put aside enough cash for both games, but I am just waiting until I hear reviews from people other than mainstream reviewers before I commit the money to them…too bad IU has no demo on XBOX Live…