Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Latest Challenge for Xbox Japan: Fulfilling Demand

When Tales of Vesperia got released in Japan a few weeks ago, the Xbox 360 saw a huge sales spike which overwhelmed the local Xbox office in Japan so much that they had to issue an apology to their buyers.

For this week, MS Japan managed to fulfill the increasing demand for the Xbox 360 in Japan; and as posted earlier, their efforts helped them beat the Nintendo Wii and sell Square-Enix's latest offering in the JRPG genre.

I got a message from my friend in Japan, Yusuke Caiman, and he gives some account of what's going on over there:

My message:

"I just hope Xbox Japan continues to fare well; their continued success also spells success for gamers, since it will inevitably attract more Japanese developers to make games for the Xbox 360."

To which Yusuke responds:

"I hope so too & 360 console supply must continue for that. I checked 5 my neighbor game shop & big electric store. In week of ToV, all of them sold out regular 360, but had a few Arcade & Elite 360 in stock. In this week, (Microsoft Japan is DO DO DOing Infinite Undiscovery Faceplate Campaign) all of them sold out all of 3 models of 360. I'm hoping next 360 supply will come to shop shelf today. 360 was sold out all major net shop in Japan also. So, wicked net shops (not personal auction but pro shop) are selling 360 with IU faceplate for extreme price. Sensui, supply 360 & kick their ass. "

Here's a picture of the faceplate that they're offering as a promotion in Japan for the Xbox 360 and Infinite Undiscovery.

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