Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Falcon 3RL Chronology...trying to figure out what happened

Chronology before 3RL happened on my Falcon Xbox 360 (Manufacturing Date April 2008):

1. Got Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway, played it for a few days then reached 'Operation Garden' and on one level I noticed that the grass textures were becoming all weird. I reset to the dashboard and and loaded BIA again and the problem was gone.

2. The next day I played BIA again and I noticed that the problem happened again in one level. Similarly, I restarted the 360 (went back to the dashboard and reloaded BIA). The problem was gone again.

3. The day after that, I was moving some saves and profiles to my memory card (for Anicon). After this, I restarted my Xbox 360 and then , to my surprise, my 360 3RL'ed. I called my wife who was in the other room playing Tales of Vesperia (again, preparing it for Anicon) and when she turned on the xbox 360 it didn't 3RL. It was weird; we thought it was a fluke of some sort. I was able to play the rest of the night.

4. Today I was moving profiles and saves again, and then when I restarted the 360, 3RL happened. I tried restarting the console several times, to no avail. It's dead.

Extremely demoralized by this, to be honest. I can't believe it happened to the Falcon, too. Note that I don't have airconditioning in the room where i have the Xbox 360 working. The thing died in 4 months?! That's ridiculous! But then this room is pretty big; it's the living room and there is so much open air in this place. The wind also blows here so it really isn't that hot. I don't understand how despite these conditions the console still died.

I'm just lucky that I've got a spare one thanks to Servo101 from Pinoyxbox. Realistically speaking, not all gamers will be this lucky, I'm sure. An experience like this is extremely frustrating and I can imagine the others will swear off the Xbox brand completely. It's really unfortunate because the alternatives aren't as attractive to me as a hardcore gamer compared to the 360----the 360 really has more games than the PS3, and its game lineup is more tolerable to a hardcore gamer like myself compared to the Wii.

This generation of consoles is perhaps the worst one because of the limitations people have in choosing a system:

1. PS3? No games!
2. Xbox 360? 3RL!
3. Wii? Too many casual games and too few hardcore titles! (Sorry but I really prefer a certain category of games. I know the Wii has a few good hardcore titles like Brawl or Zelda, but I think it doesn't have enough compared to the 360 at the moment).

I'm rethinking this whole Xbox thing already and thinking of going back to PC gaming or something that doesn't have these kinds of issues. I don't know. Maybe I'm just extremely pissed off right now and I'm not rational at the moment. I'll still be going to Anicon this Sunday, of course....but after that, I don't know....I'm just so very pissed off.

For Falcon owners - do what you can to protect yourself from 3RL...


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  1. if your imported xbox does not have international warranty, just try the towel trick first, then if that didn't work, look for someone who can replace the x-clamps for you...