Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Third World Gamer featured on "Security is a State of Mind"

At the beginning of this month, both me and my wife received the honor of being Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) for our efforts with the local Xbox gaming community. We are very grateful for receiving this honor, and we hope that this is one way to help bring further advancement to the local console gaming scene.

Jay Paloma, MVP for Enterprise Security, recently conducted an interview with us which he posted on his blog, "Security is a State of Mind". Here's a link to the interview.


  1. nice interview, however, I believe I read somewhere that region coding was meant to control prices of games in different parts of the world. This is something to do with price discrimination, where market price is dependant on standard of living in different parts of the world. Yeah Sony might have pissed some game publishers off when they made their machine region free...
    Anyways, most of the 360 games coming out this year were all region free, except EA, but I hate EA, so that's even better that I don't get access to EA at all ;p

  2. I also remember reading an interview with Major Nelson where he explains that region-coding is implemented on Xbox games because sometimes there are regions where certain kinds of content aren't permitted (example: games in Germany have to have green blood in them, not red blood. It's written in their laws that that's the way it has to be for games released there).

    I understand the reasoning there but I do wish that they can make certain games available to all regions without hassles for the xbox platform. Case in point: Rock Band. A lot of people on pinoyxbox have Asian Xbox 360's, and they're not too happy that Rock Band is region-locked on the Xbox 360 so that only US console owners can use it. The odd thing is, the game is NOT region locked on the PS3. So how is it possible that Sony can get away with [the lack of] region-coding, and Microsoft can't? I think Microsoft should speak with their third-parties about this....it's unfair to MS that EA can release a game, region locked on the 360, and region free on the PS3---so the PS3 version of Rock Band, at this time, is 'exclusively available' to every gamer in Asia, while the Xbox 360 version is not.

    It's scenarios like that that can frustrate Xbox 360 gamers at times. I'm glad that most games coming out are not region-locked anymore; I just hope it will also apply to games published by EA, 2K Games and some others who are still stubborn about it.