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Fan-made JRPGs coming soon to the XBOX 360

Every so often I drop by Fanfiction.Net to read up on fan made stories of popular media characters. Sometimes I am at a complete and utter awe after I finish reading a 20 chapter story for certain anime/game and I'm telling myself...'That's how the story should have been! That's how it should have played out!'.

And now talented individuals have a chance to do that with the XBOX 360.

For me a JRPG has always been driven by two things: plot and character. Graphics is a plus point but I don't really care about that. I can still play 2D tile based JRPGs and still enjoy it! Come to think of it, the 2D JRPGs are still around today being sold in handhelds such as the GBA, Nintendo DS and the PSP! I was always wishing that one of these days these JRPG makers can just sell their games using XBOX Live.

Is the next Hironobu Sakaguchi lurking in our midsts?

If the established Japanese development houses can't do it then the indie developers who share a similar passion for JRPGs have a shot to bring their original creations to the XBOX 360! While XNA is already a big boost for indie developers who are more or less familiar with development under the .NET platform, now Enterbrain has announced that the future version of RPG Maker be linked with the XNA Creators Club and you will be able to play it on an XBOX 360.

SilconEra reports the arrival of fanmade RPG games in this post: Enterbrain democratizing Xbox 360 RPG development

Details of actual implementation is still sketchy. Chances are on the onset the JRPG games made via RPG Maker will only be available for the members of the XNA Creators Club. But I am hoping that with future Microsoft announcements a more concrete scheme on sharing your games to all gamers across the XBOX Live Arcade platform will materialize.

Looking at those tiles remind me of Ragnarok Online....Hmmm....

I have always maintained that the strongest feature of the XBOX platform is currently XNA. This is the only thing that Microsoft is doing differently compared to their competitors Sony and Nintendo. With enough attention and marketing, XNA can be the next big thing in gaming. It will certainly allow people who always wanted to make games to band together and actually make one!

Make no mistake, game development, even via XNA is time consuming and a hard thing to do. My husband and I, together with some friends, tried to enter the Dream Build Play challenge last year and we realized just how difficult game development can be. If you have the the talent, time and dedication to crack the game industry as a game developer then XNA one of the ways you can fast track your future.

I eagerly await the day when my fanfiction angst dirven vampire-esque character, Desmond (yeah I know its a sucky name) who happens to look like the complete dork, Shinji Ikari from Evangelion makes his debut JRPG. Hehehe in my dreams! But at least these days attaining dreams is a little bit achievable thanks to the efforts of Microsoft and several game engine developers such as Enterbrain.

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