Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to play the TOO HUMAN Demo


Earlier in Pinoyxbox I gave impressions on the Too Human demo and I wasn't really too thrilled with the controls. It's hard to believe that Microsoft/Silicon Knights put a lot into the game and it didn't immediately make sense to me. So I decided to give it one last shot, and after my third try, I finally figured it out.


So I gave this game ONE MORE CHANCE and tried it for the THIRD TIME. My wife was convincing me to give it another shot, and on my third round I finally figured out how to play this game.


1. Let go/stop thinking of the camera. If your player's face is facing towards you, press LB. The camera 'Strategic' seems to be the best option.

2. Now, when you see a mob of monsters, press TOWARDS the enemy that you want to attack with the RIGHT THUMBSTICK. This will cause Baldur to rush towards that enemy target. For instance, if the enemy is north east, point the right thumbstick North East.

You'll see Baldur rush towards the enemy.

Now, don't let go of that direction since you're telling the game, this is the target you want to kill.

3. Now while you're fighting that enemy, you use the LEFT THUMBSTICK (yes, the left thumbstick) to control your sword swinging. Try various pushes on the left thumbstick while pointing on your target with the RIGHT THUMBSTICK.

Again, note that the swinging of your weapon is controlled by your LEFT THUMBSTICK.

4. To switch to a DIFFERENT TARGET, press a direction on the RIGHT THUMBSTICK to the target that you want to kill. Then again, control your attack with the LEFT THUMBSTICK.

5. There are more interesting combinations. To unleash something like a FIREBALL attack, press UP on BOTH THUMBSTICKS (Or, essentially press both thumbsticks TOWARDS the ENEMY that you want to hit with a fireball).

6. After a combo, press RB to unleash a super attack of some kind.

7. To fight a troll (the big monster thing), try jumping, press the right thumbstick in the direction of the troll, then swing your sword with the left thumbstick.

8. To execute a troll killing move, jump on the back of the troll with A, then press the RIGHT THUMBSTICK LEFT, and the LEFT THUMBSTICK RIGHT, like this : ----> <----- That should execute an 'execution move' on your enemy. So there you have it, how to play TOO HUMAN. The controls are very different from any other action game I've played. Seems worth a shot now....and the attacks I got from actually controlling this game right made the game a bit more fun than before. I'm highly likely to pick this game up.

For more control instructions, check the ADVANCED CONTROLS menu in the PAUSE menu.

And don't forget to check out your EQUIPMENT. Press RT to shift through all the various equipment you can put on your character.

Nice game, now it does feel like Diablo II!

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  1. Cool Guide. I watched th E3 2008 videos of Too Human demo and the developer said Too Human looks easy in the beginning but you will see more of its potential once your character levels up...