Sunday, June 01, 2008

Trailers for Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4 Unveiled

PINOYXBOX is currently down, so I'm not able to post these :( Hopefully the site will be back up soon.

Now here's some news. The newest trailer for Resident Evil 5 is now available on

Surprisingly there's a new character in the game. I recall N'Gai Croal from Newsweek was complaining about blatant racist imagery in the original RE5 trailer. Will this new one make him shut up now? With the female sidekick of Leon now established as another black character, people shouldn't complain anymore that the game is 'racist'. I doubt N'gai will shut up, though, knowing his penchant for putting sensationalism into gaming news. Resident Evil 5 is what it's set in Africa so most of the zombified enemies are going to be black. I don't think Capcom picked black people to be zombies just to show them being picked off by a white lead character (as N'Gai was saying in his write up before). It's clear that that was never the intent....the lead character in RE was always Caucasian so I don't see why it's such an issue. Surprisingly I never see any complaints about lead characters in video games usually being Caucasian even if they're sometimes made by Asian developers like Capcom. Does that mean that Capcom looks down on their own race? In my humble opinion, it's ridiculous to even bring up race at all. Anyway, I'll never understand why some press including N'Gai made a big deal out of this. It seems more to me that they're hunting for a good story to get people all riled up about something to get their attention. Simply put, it's all sensationalism.

RE5 is a game about fighting zombies, and it's set in Africa. That's it. No racist message there.

Also released was the newest trailer for Street Fighter 4, featuring Chun-Li and a new character named Crimson Viper:
New Screenshots for SF4:

The trailer looks fantastic....but I wonder, why does the game look nothing like these trailers? It would be cool if Street Fighter 4's gameplay looked like this....watercolor style. The actual game, artwise, doesn't really look very appealing. The characters' faces look all distorted and I really hate what they did to Ryu. He used to be this bad-ass Japanese Shotokan Karate master, and for SF4....he looks more like some big, burly, angry guy. I miss the old art style. The best art style SF ever had was for the Alpha series of game. That was just spot on, perfect. This new style....looks great in trailers, but in actual gameplay....looks very Western styled, with strange proportions on the character designs. I'm not really sure why Capcom approved this. Couldn't they get the older teams to contribute art for this new game? With other companies like Namco able to make anime-styled art for their next gen games (DBZ: Burst Limit is a good example), I'm not exactly sure why Capcom is having trouble in this area.

But then, maybe the game will play well... maybe the controls will be tight. Maybe it will pull me away from Virtua Fighter 5. There is an appeal to being able to hurl fireballs at your enemies and to pulling off seemingly impossible super-moves.

The gameplay of Street Fighter IV is its only hope now, at least for me.

Oddly enough, notice how there's now a pre-order for the console versions of SF4 (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3). Is this game going straight to consoles? I thought it was coming out in Arcades first. According to the Gamestop pre-order page, the game will be out in February 3, 2009. That's a long, long wait....

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